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News Around The World... (April 2002)

Tuesday April 16, 2002

No Square or Enix
Sadly Square and Enic plan on not showing anything new at Nintendo E3x at E3

Shigeru Miyamoto Conference
Find out what he had to say about his upcoming game ZELDA

Monday April 15, 2002

Interplay Sells Shiny Entertainment
Sad, but true. Will this affect any currently being worked on games?

Friday April 12, 2002

Console War Editorial
While it's not really news, it still is important. This is a editorial written bt TazedSoul, on the console war.

Fire Emblem
Coming to the states is Marth and Roy - two Japan-Only, now going to be international, swordsman.

Thursday April 11th, 2002

New E3 List
We have the first list of games you'll see at E3 this year

From recent Japan news reported on CNN.com's Sci-Tech web site, the manufacturer of X-Box, Microsoft, has set the price too high to sell much better than expected in Japan. There was an anaysis made that the sales of the X-Box are low because of the high price and low gaming support from major developers. Read more...

Forbes.com presents a news story about Nintendo's small drop of profit, and how Nintendo spokesmen respond to the affects of low GameBoyAdvance sales, while GameCube holdes its share of revenue. Read More...


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