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Shigeru Miyamoto Conference
April 16, 2002
Source: N-sider

Here is the latest from the Shigeru Conference held in Tokyo today:

"In a press conference held today in Tokyo, legendary game-designer Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed what has already been confirmed time and time again: the Legend of Zelda for the GameCube will be cel-shaded.
In addition, Miyamoto also reaffirmed that Link's somewhat chibi style eyes have gone through some slight alterations, and that we'll see the results of the changes in May; the industry legend was very firm about no new Zelda screenshots being released before E3, clearly desiring gamers to actually play the game before passing judgement upon it.

"A game should not be judged only on its appearance," he stated. "It should be played before drawing conclusions."

Though Nintendo has denied reports of the cel-shaded version of Zelda being reconsidered in the past, rumours about a more "realistic" version of the game refuse to die. Hopefully, this latest press conference will silence individuals who still insist that the first original Zelda title for the GameCube will not be cel-shaded."

This second confirmination from Shigeru Miyamoto comes as good news to those who are looking forward to the new Cel-shaded Zelda, but bad news to those who were hoping this may have been a joke bu the master game designer, Shiggy himself.

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