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The Console War
Friday April 12th, 2002
By TazedSoul

Some people say PS2 is in the lead, or X-Box, or some few now GCN of the console war. But I ask my self why? Why does it matter? Will X-Box or PS2, or GameCube being in the lead make the gaming better? And is it a fare way to determain that? No! My answer is no. There is NO winner in the 'console war'. The only way there could be a winner is if your looking at price sells, but again that doesn't have to do with whether, or not the game is good.

-Part 1-
Back in the day gaming was for fun. It wasn't a image or a contest. People just did it for fun. Today there is to much information leaks. This is one reason (I feel) that people are always complaing, or insulting, or putting down consoles. When good news is released everyone says, "YES this console is the best." but as soon as the bad news comes evryone just abdons ship. "This console is gay! When is this company gonna get there act together?!"

I bring this all up speaking of one console mainly. Can you gues who I speak of? Well I am speaking of one of THE BEST gaming company's in the world. The oldest one in the bussiness right now! The company that brings you AAA games like, Zelda, Mario, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart, Meroid, Luigis Mansion, Pikmin, and tons more. I am talking about the one company that doesn't have to rely on third party support, but can make it on there own. I am talking about NINTENDO!

-Part 2-
Last time the "all mighty console war was spoken of was in part 1 to this trilogy. Now before we begin I ask you to examine your thought, and your feeling on the console war. Lets us begin now.

The console war is the story of all consoles, and which one will one day rule. But the chief flaw in the war of consoles is this: There can be no winner. You will come to this conclusion once you you have reached a certain level in gaming. "Why does it matter which console is the best?". Do you play games for the 'image' you can now obtain, or the for the fun of it? I play for the fun of it, and thats how every gamer used to be; but now there are different social classes in gaming. These "social classes" are given out by other gamers. The classes I speak of are names like: Fanboy. You hear it all the time, "You are a blind fanboy". But what makes you a fan boy? The fact that you are loyal to your favorite game company, or developer? If hat makes you a fan boy then half of the population of gamers are fanboys. I don't call that type of person a fanboy. I call that type of person a 'Loyalist'. And I respect 'Loyalist's' more than the gamers that "abandon ship when the waves get big." But there ia a difference between and Loyalist, and not knowing when enough is enough.

But who's fault is that there is a console war? No ones. But there are people that feed it. These people that are the people that call people fanboys, and other names like it.

There is one thing I am positive, there is no way to wina war that is based of opinions, and thats what the console war is.

-Part 3 "My Final thoughts"-
But am I saying that no one wins in the war? No. That brings me to my final thoughts on the console war...

The only winner in the console war is the consumer. The consumer is either satisfied or dissapointed with the product that he/she buys. In a way the consumer chooses the winner, it can be a single, a draw, or a threeway draw. Anything, as long as the consumer is satisfied. But this type of "win" is not what people are fighting for. It is all just preference, and opinion.....
When people fight over this the one important thing is forgotten. The actual gaming itself. This happened to one particular place, it was full of gamers. An active board, with posts every minute, but soon the good quality posts became flames, and spam. Soon the good quality poster became a troll, a flamer, and a spammer. It got out a hand, and it ruined the fun. That is why gamers must work to make sure it doesn't happen to themselves.
And I come to my final conclusionon The Console War, it is only the consumer that can decide the fate, and it is our job to just shut up, and play games!


If you have any coments you can send them to me, - TazedSoul

This one is by Trinitum

Well... lets see here. First, I'll start with the earliest of the three, the Playstation Two. Sony's company has been around for what was it... more than fifty years. Anyway, that's not much of a matter. A lot of companies found the original Playstation to be fairly simple to develop for. That's why we saw Squaresoft only develop games for the PSX and PS2, so far. Some PC games as well. Capcom released a few games, Resident Evils and one Mega Man game on the N64. Not much. The Nintendo 64 was a very difficult system to develop for, very difficult. The reason being is the memory of the system was built into games, not memory cards. Although some games would require it, such as Top Gear Rally. Sony grabbed the attention of almost every game developer because of the easy developing kits they had, and how much a game could hold. Now, later on Nintendo came out with the Expansion pak, which could increase the graphics, memory, and size of a game. Such examples are Perfect Dark and Donkey Kong 64, which is an extremely large game. Many developers didn't enjoy the tough makings of the games on the Nintendo 64, so they became licensed by both Sony and Nintendo.

The Playstation two has been out for what.. a year now? Yeah, a year. So far many games on the system are highly powerful, such as Smuggler's Run, Metal Gear Solid 2, and now coming in January, Final Fantasy X, which, in my opinion is the most complex game ever created on such a system.

However, the Playstation 2 is much tougher to develop for than the original Playstation. That's why not many games you see coming out from third party developers are released sooner than they should be. Also, with the hard drives needed for games that are online, and possibly offline, that put a damper on some wallets. Don't get me wrong, the Playstation 2 is a powerful system, but it does have it's flaws.

Next, the X-Box.

We've all known Microsoft for over twenty years, maybe more. At least I've known about them since I was eight, fairly young for someone to really know about a high-up software company. Gates has over 64 Billion dollars to himself personally, and the company even more in revenues from over the years. Recently with the release of the new Windows XP, all versions, and the newest gaming system, the X-Box, sales have been increasing even more. Gates might soon be at the top of the latter again, over the Wal-Mart owner, currently the richest person in the world (except that one king in the Oceania continent somewhere, India?). Anyway. The X-Box has a lot of developers looking forward to developing for such a powerful system. But the price, for the added music player, and other additions, is fairly good... still too much for many gamers, such as myself. The only games I have found to be appealing on there so far are Halo and that one, where you can create your own character and explore a massive world where you can mess around with anything, and everything, as if it were real life. Microsoft will take some time to be in the big seat of gaming... and I can see that they will soon dominate a lot of the gaming market.

Next, Nintendo - Long Live the King.

Anyone know how long the Nintendo company (even with name changes) has been around? Over 110 years, I believe 121 to date. Well, first it was metallic trading cards, with flowers on them, then after a long time, they teamed up with Disney to do the same with Disney characters. It's a high honor if one of the largest Entertainment companies, and one that appeals to children AND adults at the same time, wants something from you that will help them out. Then, after many smaller systems from the early 1970's, Nintendo put out the Arcade system of Donkey Kong. To the time it was then, this was a highly advanced game, and made mass, and I mean MASS, money and revenue. Soon, the gaming market went back into the home when Nintendo released it's "superior" gaming system called Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Games on there were from some of the greatest gaming companies of all time: Capcom, Squaresoft, and Nintendo themselves. Then the Game Boy was released, a powerful hand-held system where gamers can finally go outside and play all day long. Soon after, I believe in 1991, the SNES was released. Gamers were back on their couches. These games were highly original, and some very much tougher than current ones. Gamers even today, still play NES, Game Boy (original) and SNES... I still do! Those games are actually tougher than the current 3-D games. Then came the Nintendo 64, a even higher advanced system that allowed gamers to experience the plumber called Mario, who has become a world-wide icon and idol to billions of children and some adults, in full 3-D. The colors, the design, the pixels, the game control, the sound. All these were amazing on a system... yet it was very difficult to develop for (read the first paragraph).

Now, on November 18th, at 12:00 AM for the United States, the official release of the Nintendo Game Cube. This system is the most advanced system for several reasons.

The copper chip created exclusively for Nintendo Game Cube, during the project "Dolphin" stage of the creation. This copper chip keeps the system from overheating, crashing, and also allows a few other things. One of these "other things" is a much faster processor. The processing is seriously much better than Sony's and Microsoft's game loadings. This is what Nintendo is also known for, games that don't take time to "load." But that's not too big of a deal, but always a plus.

The launch library is fairly small, with Lucas Arts and Nintendo as the first two games developers that released games. The shocking amount of sales generated from Nintendo in the first day, all 700,000 systems sold out in the United States. Nintendo hardly advertised, and they made such a high revenue of system and game sells.

Now, about developing. It's amazing how easy the Cube is to develop for. So easy, Capcom is re-releasing the first four Resident Evils, and only for the Game Cube. That's fairly amazing, especially considering that some of these games had more than one disc.

So, in conclusion, all systems are going to stand out in their own way. PS2 for it's current game library; X-Box for their large and long games; Game Cube for it's ability to develop games much faster, and soon-to-be amazing games.



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