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Fire Emblem comes stateside
By TazedSoul
Source: N-sider

Great news for gamers that have wanted to play Fire Emblem has just arrived. The up until now Japaneese only GBA videogame, "Fire Emblem", and two other games have officially been announced to be released here in North America. Here is direct text concerning the matter:

"Nintendo's first party Game Boy Advance line up for North America - 2002 is being finalized. Nintendo will be bringing Fire Emblem Advance (tentative title) and Magical Vacation sometime between the Summer and early Fall.

Those who still crave for more portable Mario adventures will be glad to know Super Mario Bros 3. Advance will be released this Summer for the Game Boy Advance. Early word is the title will ship in Japan and America coinciding with the release date of Super Mario Sunshine.

Nintendo will have plenty of more surprises as it plans to unveil portions of its 2002 Game Boy Advance line up in late April and May 21 during its Pre-E3 press conference."

More as it developes...

By TazedSoul



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