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Friday June 7th, 2002

Game: Super Monkey Ball 2
Rated: Unknown
Release: Fall 2002

Who would have thought that when the original Super Monkey Ball would get a sequal? Well thanks to great sells, awesome party modes, and pleased fans Sega will release what they hope to be the best Party game in exsitance this Fall 2002.


Back in November of 2001 along with the launch of the Nintendo GameCube a new puzzle game was released by Sega. The game was called Super Monkey Ball. It quicky became popular for it's challenging, and strategic levels. With more than 100 levels of challenging up's and down's of side-winding action players used the analog stick to move the floor which would cause themokey that is inside of a plastic ball roll. It doesn't soud like much, but it was one of the funnest launch games, and still is. The goal was to roll your monkey to end of the stage and pass through thegoal.

There were three different modes you could choose from. The basic choices consisted of Normal, Hard, and Medium. Hard had the most difficlut stages, and the most, while easy has the easiest, and least amount of stages and medium was in the middle. Not only could you choose from different dificulty's you also had the choice to choose between four different characters. Some big, and some small.

The game also had tons of party modes, such as: MonkeyBowling, Monkey Golf, and Monkey Boxing.

Now this year the game will see a sequal... That means even more crazy stages, and more monkey craziness!


  • More than 150 new cazy stages
  • New story mode
  • 10 new worlds for you to complete
  • "Six brand-new Party games including Monkey Boat Race, Monkey Shot, Monkey Dog Fight, Monkey Tennis, Monkey Baseball, and Monkey Soccer!"
  • "Improved versions of the original party games Monkey Race, Monkey Fight, Monkey Target, Monkey Golf, Monkey Billiards, Monkey Golf, and Monkey Bowling"
  • More Monkey madness coming this fall

Like in the original Super Monkey Ball gamer's use the analog control stick to move the floor and cause the ball with a monkey inside to roll around obstacles, and try and reach the goal with out falling off of the platform (stage). It is as simple as getting your monkey in a ball to, one end to the other.

You can still choose what monkey will be inside your plastic ball. How many characters there are to choose from Pojo.com has yet to learn, but most likely it will be at least four like in the previous game.

There will also be different modes just like in Super Monkey Ball, but this time you will have more than 150 different stages to roll accross including 10 brand new worlds too. As you can see the game is already shaping up to be one of the best party games in console history.

The famous party modes will also return, updated, along with six new ones. You will be able to compete in races on water in "Monkey Boat Race". You will also get a big dose of sports in the Super Monkey Ball 2. Modes like: Monkey Tennis, Monkey Baseball, and Monkey Soccer, along with remakes of: Monkey Golf, Monkey Billards, and Monkey Race gamers will have plenty of sport-like party frenzy experiences.

Graphics and Future
The graphics remain pretty much unchanged, but with imrpoven textures, and a smoother, cleaner look to the game. But gamers wont be buying this game for the looks of the game, even though monkey's in balls are a sight to see. It will the the fast, and crazy modes in the game.

Like in the original, though, each world is done splendidly well, and show off some of the creativity of the artists. Each world and stage is a unique vision brought to you by Sega's talented team of artists. The stages once again look like things that would only appear in a bizarre dream. And it's all for you to roll around on!

The game is scheduled for a Fall 2002. And with Nintendo working on releasing a new Mario Party titles this year you could possibly have all you ever wanted in fun puzzle gaming. But the real question is? Which is funner: rolling monkeys around in ball's around crazy stages, or touring boards of un with all your favorite Nintendo characters? You will have to decide for yourself, but for us.... You can never have enough puzzle funness!




Thoughts from the staff:
I never bought the original Super Monkey Ball, but I rented it often. It is one of my favorite games on GameCube, and I am really excitted about the sequal. I really love the look of all the different worlds, and so do others. This is going ot be a must have, and everyone should buy it.

The graphics look little improved, but it is difficult to tell without actually playing the game.

Fall sounds like a reasonable release time for the game. It will be about a year after the original was released, and by that time gamers, and myself, will probably feel like playing a puzzle game for the holidays.

- TazedSoul(Phillip Levin)







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