Sylveon- Furious Fists

Date Reviewed:  May 17, 2021

Ratings Summary:
Standard: N/A
Expanded: 1.0
Theme: 1.0

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Next up is Sylveon from XY Furious Fists! This card has been reviewed once (October 2014) which was around the time I started reading every COTD consistently. This is a Stage 1 Fairy type with 90 HP, Metal Weakness, Darkness resistance, retreat cost of C, and two attacks. Curly Ribbon costs Y for 30 damage and also moves an energy card from your opponent’s Active Pokemon to one of their Benched Pokemon. Echoed Voice costs YCC for 50 damage, and during your next turn it does 50 more damage.

Those effects are easy to circumvent. Curly Ribbon won’t move any Energy if your opponent doesn’t have any Benched Pokemon. Perhaps the only upside to Curly Ribbon is that if you move certain energies, the energy might discard itself. Something like moving a Strong Energy to a non-Fighting type. Echoed Voice might be tempting to maintain the ability to deal 100 damage every other turn, but it doesn’t have enough HP to survive any moderately sized attack, and even if it does, they can employ gusting tactics to remove the clause of bonus damage.


Standard: N/A (would be 1/5 in its time)

Expanded: 1/5

Theme: 1/5

This Sylveon card is slightly better than yesterday’s card, but even then, it still doesn’t do enough to make it worthwhile.

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