Gyarados · Base Set

Gyarados · Base Set 

Date Reviewed:  January 19, 2024

Average eBay Sale as of today (1st Edition):

PSA 9: $1500
PSA 5: $300
PSA 1: $200

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Ahoy there, trainers! Today’s Pokemon Card of the Day dives into the raging depths of the Base Set to snag the fearsome Gyarados!

Set: Base Set
Number: 41/102
Rarity: Holofoil Rare
Evolves From: Magikarp
Type: Water
HP: 100
Weakness: Grass
Resistance: Fighting 
Retreat Cost: 3 Energy


  • Dragon Rage (3W): This attack deals a fixed 50 damage, making it a powerful move.
  • Bubblebeam (4W): Deals 40 damage and flips a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokemon is paralyzed.

In terms of artwork, the Base Set Gyarados features an intense and dynamic depiction of the Pokémon, capturing the essence of its powerful and fearsome nature.


In 1999, the Base Set Gyarados was a formidable card in the Base Set Rain Dance deck.  Players would get out an early Blastoise and Rain Dance onto cards like Gyarados and Dewgong and go to town on opponents.  This was very successful in the early Pokemon days.  In the following sets that released, players would eventually replace Gyarados with cards like Articuno and Lapras so that they would not have games where a Magikarp was their only card on the field.  😉


Gyarados Base Set is a nostalgic icon, a testament to the early days of the Pokemon TCG. While it might not be a top contender in modern formats, its raw power and classic artwork continue to captivate trainers of all ages. 

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