Ninetales - Base Set
Ninetales – Base Set

Ninetales – Base Set 

Date Reviewed:  January 30, 2024

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Card Number / Rarity:012/102 / Holo Rare
Card Type / HP / Stage:Fire / 80 / Stage 1
Attack 1:[2] Lure
If your opponent has any Benched Pokémon, choose 1 of them and switch it with the Defending Pokémon.
Attack 2:[RRRR] Fire Blast (80)
Discard 1 Fire Energy card attached to Ninetales in order to use this attack.
Weakness / Resistance / Retreat Cost: W /none / 1

Card Analysis:

Ninetales from the Base Set is a captivating Rare Holo with some intriguing abilities. Sitting at 80 HP, it holds its own against early-game threats and has a manageable Retreat Cost of 1. Weak to water meant it had to be weary of Rain Dance decks.  

Lure – For 2 Colorless Energy, Ninetales can disrupt your opponent’s strategy by swapping their Defending Pokémon with one from the Bench. This not only messes with their setup but also creates opportunities for strategic plays on your end.

Fire Blast – This was a pretty powerful attack for Base Set.  80 damage and you only had to discard 1 energy.  

The Verdict: A Charming Relic, and Not a Bad Contender

Ninetales holds undeniable charm. Its artwork is iconic, and its mystical lore captures the imagination. And in Base Set, it was a better Fire Pokemon than Charizard.  Ninetales came out quicker, and you only had to discard one energy for its big attack.  

In early 1999, folks could win with Fire decks, as long as they were streamlined.  These decks were eventually outshined by Haymaker and Rain Dance decks as players got better, and more cards got released.  Ninetales was one of the scarier cards to be looking down at when Base Set was out on its own.  

Base Set Rating: 3.5 outta 5.0

Where Does it Shine?

  • Collectors: As a Holo Rare from the Base Set, Ninetales is a valuable gem for any collection.
  • Themed Decks: If you’re building a Ninetales-themed deck or a nostalgic Base Set deck, it’s a must-have.
  • Casual Play: For friendly matches where fun trumps pure power, Ninetales can be a delightful addition.

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