Lickitung – Jungle

Date Reviewed:  January 25, 2024

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PSA 10: $65

Only really worth grading if you know you have a PSA 10.  It’s not a foil, but a great artifact from days gone by.  

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The Lickitung card from the Jungle set is a Basic Colorless Pokemon with 90 HP, which was quite high back in 1999. It has a Fighting Weakness and a Psychic Resistance, and a Retreat Cost of 3.

Its attacks are Tongue Wrap and Supersonic:

  • Tongue Wrap costs 1 Energy and flips a coin to Paralyze the opponent’s Pokemon.
  • Supersonic costs 2 Energy and flips a coin to Confuse the opponent’s Pokemon. Back then, Confusion meant that not only would attacking cause them to flip a coin, but so would a manual retreat.

Lickitung was a great staller, and could be put in a variety of decks in 1999 as it was colorless.  A few people would put Lickitung in their Haymaker decks to be a wall that could paralyze and ping damage their opponent’s Pokemon active Pokemon.  It has a high retreat cost, but that’s what Scoop Up was for.  

I like to look back at old Pojo Deck Reports and Interviews from 1999/2000 and see how people were using cards a quarter of a century ago.  Here’s an interview with Alex Fields, who was the #17 ranked player in the world.  He was playing a “Hitmonchan / Wigglytuff deck with Lickitung, Ditto and Scyther”.  He was obviously finding tremendous success with it. Gordon Kane and Jason Klaczynski used to conduct interviews with other top ranked players.  

At my Local Game Store in 1999/2000, one very good player who qualified for the Super Trainer Showdown always had a Lickitung in his deck and it was annoying AF to go up against.  

Another nice thing for casual players was that Lickitung was an uncommon card, and easily obtainable in an era when rare cards could be tough to find.  

Rating: 4 outta 5

Overall, the Lickitung Jungle card is a very good Basic Pokemon that can be used in early game decks. Its attacks are both status effects, which can be helpful in disrupting your opponent’s strategy.  Licky is mostly a wall for stalling with two decent attacks.  

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