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Top oí the World Player Profile

Name               Alex Fields
Ranking            #17 (as of 08/09/2000)
City/State        Killeen, Texas
Age                12

                  Peter Piper Pizza
                  1001 E Business Hwy 190
                  Killeen, TX 76541, 

 [POJO]    What do you like best about the PokeMon TCG?
[AF]      Trying out new decks, looking forward to new sets, and playing in tournmanets

[POJO]    What do you dislike about the PokeMon TCG?  
[AF]      How people who donít play pokemon think its gay and for little kids.  I hate that because Pokemon is definitely not for little kids, the people who win tournaments are always teens to adults.  Also I hate how Wizards is considering banning cards and limiting trainers to 15 per deck.  If this happens Pokemon will fall and so will MANY decks. (Wizards, I hope youíre listening)

[POJO]    Do you find casual play or organized competition to be more fun?  Why?  
[AF]      I like organized competition because I LOVE tournaments and I just canít stand playing the little kids who donít know how to play at the leagues.  I like playing good people because I know I can beat them.

[POJO]    Where do you usually play?
[AF]      Peter Piper Pizza for tournaments, Limited Edition Sports Cards for leagues and occasional tournaments

[POJO]    How often do you participate in organized tournaments?
[AF]      Once a week, sometimes two

[POJO]    What was you most thrilling victory?  
[AF]      hmmm... this is tough... my most thrilling victory would have to be when I was playing Mark Anders (ranked 83) and it was the last round before the final two in a tournament.  I was playing my Hitmonchan / Wigglytuff deck with Lickitung, Ditto and Scyther, and he was playing a Magmar (fossil), Scyther and Ditto hay variant.  The game lasted 30 or 40 minutes, and I was about to deck but needed only one prize.  I managed to somehow get Wiggly powered up with like 4 cards in my deck (and a Lass in hand) when I put his Scyther to sleep with Wiggly.  (I only had two energy on Wiggly at that time).  He failed to wake up, both times, then I waved after playing another energy on Wiggly.  He still didnít wake up, so I waved for the game.  Even if he woke up, I had a Gust of Wind in hand, so I would have won anyway.  That was my first time beating Mark so I consider it my most thrilling victory.

[POJO]    What was your most crushing defeat?  
[AF]      AAARRRGGHHH!  I was undefeated and in the third round of the finals in a tournament, when I went up against Andrew Marshall (the 15 and up winner of the STS) and pulled only Ditto in my opening  hand.  He went first, Oaked like three times, Lassed, and absorbed with Movie Mewtwo.  I was stuck with two fighting energy and it came down to what I would draw... if it was a basic or a Comp. Search, Oak or Bill - I would still be in it.. but if not I would lose next turn... I drew an Item finder... (sigh) and was eliminated.  this guy was annoying too, so I was even more ticked off than I should have been.  He hasnít been here since then, he just stopped by here for that one tournament.  It was humiliating to go that far and lose with a horrible hand...

[POJO]    Who is your toughest competition?  Why?  
[AF]      I would have to say either Derrick Winder or Mark Anders or Howard Adkins, because all three can and have beaten me several times, and even though Iíve beaten them too, you never know what will happen when we play.  They all have top notch decks as well and rarely make mistakes, making them even more dangerous.

[POJO]    What is your favorite card?  Why?  
[AF]      My favorite card is Computer Search, because it can be that Oak you need so badly, or that Plus Power you need to win the game.  It also lets you see what is in your deck, and with patience you can slowly learn how to tell whats in your prizes from this.  i would have said Oak as my favorite, but since Comp. Search basically IS Oak or whatever you want it to be I had to go with it instead.  But my favorite Pokemon is Wigglytuff, because it is the type of deck I currently play and it is SO powerful when used right.

[POJO]    What kind of deck to you dread having to play against?
[AF]      well, I do not mean to sound like Iím the best or anything, but Iím not really AFRAID of any deck.  I mean, Iím cautious about some cards, like Lass which tears my deck up, and I hate decks that use Team Rockets Trap, but I donít fear them.  With the right deck you can plow through most anything.

[POJO]    What does it mean to you to be ranked as one of the best PokeMon TCG players in the world?  
[AF]      It means a lot, because I used to be so BAD at Pokemon last year but now I am # 17. However I realize that there are some marvelous players who are not ranked high, and being ranked high doesnít mean youíre better than everybody else.

[POJO]    Do you play the PokeMon video game?  
[AF]      Yep, I did but I donít any more.  Nobody at my league brings their games and my pokes are at level 255 anyway=:P   I canít wait until Gold and Silver though...

[POJO]    Do you watch the PokeMon Animated Series?  [AF]      Well I used to love it but now I dont have time plus I always sleep in when I do have time.  There are too many episodes that I have missed so it would be hard for me to catch up.

[POJO]    Do you have a collection of PokeMon toys?  
[AF]      Not really.  I have some of this yearís and last yearís Burger King Pokemon toys but thatís it.

[POJO]    Do you have a favorite character card?  Favorite video game character?  Favorite animated series character?
[AF]      Card = Computer Search.  Video game = Venusaur.

TV show = Ashís Muk.

[POJO]    Anything else you would like to add to this interview?  
[AF]      Yeah, Iíid just like to say that Pokemon is not for little kids and itís not GAY. Anyone who thinks that should get a life.  I mean the TV show is directed towards the littler kids but the cards are definitely not.  Try Pokemon, youíll find itís not as stupid as you think.

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