Electabuzz · Base Set
Electabuzz · Base Set

Electabuzz – Base Set

Date Reviewed:  January 22, 2024

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Average eBay Sale as of today (1st Edition):

PSA 10: $600
PSA 7: $65
PSA 3: $25

Buzz is not worth grading unless he’s Near Mint or better.  sigh 

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Greetings, trainers! Welcome to Pokemon Card of the Day, where today we’re channeling some static with the OG electric type, Base Set Electabuzz!


  • Thundershock (L): 10 damage for 1 energy, and a chance to paralyze. A nasty opener!
  • Thunderpunch (LC): 40 damage for 2 energy on a good coin flip, or a net 20 damage for 2 on a bad coin flip.  


  • Solid Damage Output: Both attacks offer solid damage for their respective Energy costs, making Electabuzz a threat in the early and mid-game.
  • Paralyze Potential: Thundershocks’s coin flip chance to paralyze could swing the tide of battle in your favor, disabling your opponent’s Pokemon for a turn.
  • Base Set Nostalgia: This card brings back a wave of memories for veteran trainers, reminding us of simpler times in the Pokemon TCG.


  • Fighting Weaknesses: Hitmonchan put Electabuzz at risk of quick knockouts.
  • Limited Utility: Besides its attacks, Electabuzz lacks any special abilities or support options, making it a one-trick pony.
Pojo’s Original Big Book of Pokemon – c2000


Buzz was one of the earliest stars in original the Haymaker deck.  I went back and pulled out an old Pojo’s Big Book of Pokemon from 2000, and I saw we rated this card a 5 back then.  This card was a huge star for about 2 years, and I’m still going to rate it a 5.  

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars – This card should have been a foil!

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Pojo’s Ultimate Pokemon Book – c2023

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