Jacq – Scarlet & Violet

Date Reviewed:  May 25, 2023

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 3.0
Expanded: 2.0
Limited: 5.0

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Reviews Below:

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Jacq (Scarlet & Violet 236/198) is a Supporter card which lets you search your deck for up to 2 Evolution Pokemon and put them into your hand. The last time I saw a Supporter card fetched for Evolution Pokemon was Professor Elm’s Training Method (Expedition 148/165, EX Unseen Forces 89/115, EX Dragon Frontiers 79/101, HeartGold & SoulSilver 100/123), except that he only fetches one Evolution Pokemon. With Jacq fetching for more and Evolution Incense doing the same thing, but as an item card instead of a Supporter, Professor Elm’s Training Method is completely obsolete. Which is pretty unfortunate for Elm: based on two reviews from over a decade or two ago, several former reviewers have given good to great reviews when it comes to the Modified format in their time.

Jacq may not be drawing an insane number of cards, but he’s another good search-based card. Basic Pokemon were still one of the easiest Pokemon to use because it can be put into play right away, and their dominance around 2011 onwards has shown this, like Pokemon-EX for instance. But later on, they introduced other mechanics that are also considered Evolved Pokemon:

-Mega Evolution/Primal Reversion
-BREAK Evolutions
-Stage 1/2 Pokemon-GX
-Pokemon VMAX and VSTAR
-Stage 1/2 Pokemon-ex

Some of the listed mechanics have already been heavily used depending on the Pokemon in question. Pokemon such as Palkia VSTAR, both Ice Rider and Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX, Regieleki VMAX, VMAX and/or VSTAR versions of the Eeveelutions…they could be main attackers or providing support, and thus have to be put into play as soon as possible. Because the usage is balanced between Basic and Evolution Pokemon, Jacq would find a home in certain decks where they need to fetch for Evolved Pokemon, even more so in this current season. Expanded has Evolution Incense and a plethora of other powerful Supporter options that makes it somewhat hard for Jacq to find a place for any deck. But he would be extremely helpful in Limited, helping you fetch some of the Prerelease promos such as Quaxwell/Quaquaval, Pawmot, Spewda/Vivillon and Revavroom so that you can get the chance to evolve them as long as your Basic counterpart isn’t knocked out yet.


Standard: 3/5
Expanded: 2/5
Limited: 5/5

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