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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Professor Elm's Training Method

EX Unseen Forces


Date Reviewed: 09.28.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.9
Modified: 4.35
Limited: 4.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.



Not a bad card here. Not great, but not terrible. Lets you use your one supporter per turn to get ANY evolution (including ex). As supporters are not as common in this format, it shouldn’t be a problem when wanting to play it (unless you are facing slowking lol). I still like fast ball, but hey ;)


Now, this is where this card shines. This is a guaranteed search card for any evo, whether it is ex or normal. In a deck that includes ex cards… a great supporter… in a non ex deck… still useful to maximize search cards when combined with 4 celio’s network. Also works great with certain new ex cards (espeon ex and umbreon ex come to mind) as some ex pokemon powers (and no ex for that matter require you to play the evolution card from YOUR HAND in order to use the power. Elm is great as it lets you search for the evo and place it in your hand first (unlike wallys training).


How do you win limited normally? Get out a hard hitting, high hp evolution isn’t it?. What does this card let you search for??? Oh yeah……

R Pac~
Hey all,

Today's card is Professor Elm's Training Method from EX Unseen Forces

This is overall a nice card allowing you to search your deck for any evolution card and putting it into your hand, the problem is that it isn't very useful when it comes to unlimited decks. It is helpful in decks that run more than one evolution line so that you could get the evolved Poke that you need... but if you're running more than one evolution line in unlimited, you're either just playing for fun or you lack the speed necessary for survival here. It's safer to just stick with Computer Search and get whatever you need when you need it instead of just being able to get an evolved Poke when you need it. So, although having this card and a rare candy up your sleeve could change the wave of a game, it just lacks the speed that is needed here.

Unlimited Rating 1.25/5

~R Pac~
Tom Today we’re looking at the Supporter Professor Elm’s Training Method, a card that could be useful in many decks. Its effect is very simple, in that it let’s you search out an Evolution card and put it in your hand. Quite handy when you are in need of that particular Evolution card you need. In fact it has a one up on the widely played Celio’s Network in that it can search out an ex Pokemon.

Of course the downside is that you can’t use it to search out any Pokemon, which is a bummer. It’s those times that Elm can be quite useless, but that’s why you do run Celio’s, or Lanettes, so you can search out for the basic Pokemon. In all honesty, this is one of the better Supporter cards out there in terms of Pokemon search, right next to Celios and Wally’s Training, only falling short of the two. While they are better than Elm, it can be use along side the two to make a nice set of searcher Trainers.

In Unlimited, it really isn’t useful at all, as there is a whole bunch of better search Trainers (Computer Search anyone?) so go ahead and just skip it.

Limited its defenatly a great pick as it can help you search out for those Evolutions you need.

Unlimited: 1/5 Better cards here.

Modified: 3.5/5 Can certainly co-exist with Celio’s and Wally’s

Limited: A good searcher.
Professor Elm's Training Method

Two words AWESOME CARD Oh my GOD any deck that runs EXes NEEDS this card to get EXes both early and late game.

Modified-any EX and evo deck NEEDS this
Limited-once again any limited deck need search power

Well this card is just pretty broken. Not too much more to say but its pretty good! I run this in every deck and you should too. I really like any card that can get EXes and this is the best one because it can get EXes I just cant get over that fact it makes this card increible.

UNLIMITED-1.5 not too good here with non supporter
draw out the wazu

thanks for readin',


Today we look at Prof Elm's training method, one of the best search cards in today's format.

Unlimited: I would recommend Pokemon traider, pokemon breeding fields, fast ball, and any other non-supporter card for evolution-searching, there are better supporters for unlimited (briney).

Modified: This card is really nice in Modified, where we have very limited choices when it comes to evolution search. What makes this card better than Celio is that it can search for Pokemon-ex, the bad part is that you have to search for an evolved pokemon.
If you don't play Pokemon-ex in your deck, definitly choose Celio, if you play Pokemon-ex, use PETM.
I will subtract some points for it's ridiculous long name however, I hate it when I have to write decklists if I play this card.
(just kiddin')

Limited: This is probably the best (trainer) card to pull in Limited, since the whole format is even more based on luck. PETM adds consistancy to your deck, since you can search for whatever evolution you like.

Hmm... strange, but effective, Prof. Elm.

Professor Elm's Training Method
(Available in various Booster series)

Type: Supporter - Trainer

"Search your deck for an Evolution
card, show it to your opponent, and
put it into your hand. Shuffle your
deck afterward."

Rarity: Uncommon
Fairly easy to get.

The Positive:
You can search for any Pokemon that can be placed onto another Pokemon (Mostly Stage 1 or 2 Pokemon will be searched for) so that you can get your more powerful Pokemon into play easier. This card is quite popular, and has seen play in many tournament-level decks, even the champion's decks have used this card!

The Negative:
Not much, really. The only downside is that you can't search out a basic Pokemon with it.

Very useful here. This is one of those cards that has been powerful and popular enough to survive the test of time.
definately useful in any deck that uses Stage 1 and/or 2 Pokemon.

Legal here, so go for it. This is one of those 'staple cards'
that deserves to be included in any deck.

Even better here as it can be harder to get those rare one or two Stage 1 or 2 Pokemon you managed to get to go along with that compatable basic Pokemon you took.
TR Brian Wassup readers this is my first review ever lol.

Ok so we have the wonderful supporter Professor elm Training method. This card is a good one it is kinda like celio's network from fire red leaf green

but u can only search for evolved pokemon but including ex's. Also this
is a reprint as u probably already know.

Unlimited:In this format I don't think anyone needs this card with all the searching this format has. Plain and simple there's others that are much better. 1/5 -_-

Modified:Now in this format it shines. When you play modified you probably play ex's so this card helps a lot to get the desired monster to the field although it doesn't bring the beloved zappy its still can search for that
nice feraligatr ex, typhlosion ex, or any of the T2 ex's. 4/5 ;-)

Limited:When you play at a limited tourney u just hope that u pull some search trainers because thats wat wins u the game in this format.Theres nothing like using this card and searching for that stage 2 pokemon so i'll give it here 4/5 ^_^

Thanx for reading. B E Z readers. TR Brian
Today's Card of the Day is Professor Elm's Training Method from EX Unseen Forces. I love this card, personally. Let's see the spoilerz:

Professor Elm's Training Method
Trainer; Supporter

You can play only one Supporter card each turn. When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokemon. When your turn ends, discard this card.

Search your deck for an Evolution card, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.

89/115 Uncommon

First off, I love this card. I play it in all of my decks and it helps a lot. The ability to get Evolutions along with Basics is done by Celio's Network, but can Celio grab EXs? I think not! It can combo with Rare Candy quite well, seeing that you can grab the evolution and go. It's lots of fun with Pidgeot RG as well because you can grab Pidgeot and then grab whatever else you want. Four Elm's and four Celio's can add up to mad draw power, although unnecessary. Overall, a great card.

Unlimited: 1.5/5
We have better, non-Supporter things in Unlimited that do all this and more.
It does make a good filler though.

Modified HL-on: 4.5/5
The only thing keeping it from a perfect score is that it's a Supporter.
That one Supporter per turn thing really gets in your way sometimes.
Otherwise, searching your deck for Evos is a great ability.

Limited/Draft: 5/5
Draw power in draft = God. Pulling one or two of these can't be too hard, and if you do you're in luck.

Until next time...

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