It CAN be done, so Saikyo will for once leave the indefinite hiatus to guide you on how.

Been a while since I was last here, right? Well don’t get too excited, this is a one-off, because I felt that this had to be shared somewhere at least once, even if it’s on easily one of the least popular parts of this bloody website, and also because I don’t really play full-on competitive. I’m semi-competitive: won’t shell out for travel expenses but still at least want to do well on a local level and beat the main shithead who DOES play competitive and laugh.

Anyway, I jumped on the Cardfight!! Vanguard EX train somewhat late: I just bought it off a friend who got bored of it and sold it to me for half of what he paid, and since I’m a social hermit who needs to kill time somehow, I figured ‘why the fuck not’. So as people who have visited DifferentFight’s channel will probably know, there’s a scripted cardfight where the AI uses an Extreme Fight deck that you’re supposed to lose. But did you know it’s actually possible to WIN that fight, if you know the right cards?

Now keep in mind, this requires a very specific type of play on your part, so if you just rushed through the game and didn’t take advantage of the free fights outside the story mode, you probably won’t get it first time round. But it’s totally possible you DID, in which case congratulations, you are either very lucky, really wanted to start with a Nubatama playthrough, or you’re motherfucking psychic. Either way, now you could do one of those absurd ‘Can I Beat Pokemon Without a Single Loss’ challenges, except its Vanguard instead of monsters in tiny balls. But here it is, in all its glory!

  1. Build a Nubatama deck with Stealth Fiend, Tsumujibashou in it. At 4, just for convenience.
  2. You’re scripted to go second, so start by riding a different Grade 1 and then call Tsumujibashou. Use the skill to make them discard a card (on my run I made them drop Howell) and make them draw the Twin Blader they would have damaged instead.
  3. Attack, and if you score a Critical Trigger, pass all effects to the rear-guard, so they damage what they WOULD have drawn and don’t hit Twin Blader on a second damage check. End the turn without attacking with the rear-guard.
  4. AI will then proceed with as many plays as they would have made normally, but will stop on Blademaster as they no longer have a second Zenon to ride into what WOULD have been Asura Kaiser, because they would have draw the 2nd Zenon from the damage check stack last turn. The AI will then glitch out, and end every turn without ever attacking with their vanguard.
  5. Play as normal: the deck is stacked to first open with 2 Critical Triggers (on your Grade 2 ride, Tsumujibashou can once again make them dump a card and draw a Critical) and then alternate between a Grade 2 and a Critical, so as long as you watch the cards, you just cardfight as you normally would.

Just thought I’d put that out there, so if anyone accuses you of lying and actually winning against them, point them to this article. Perhaps it may aid them on their undefeated run on Twitch, or something.

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