Saturday, February 22, 2020

Across the Wine-Dark Sea: A Gameplay-Free Theros Beyond Death Review

On Instagram, I was recently waxing about a different lady knight, but Elspeth will always be one of my favorites too. As such, I...

You’re Never Too Old or Cool for Yugioh!

When I wrote this article a few years ago, I clarified that this would be a column more geared toward timelessness than specific meta...

Frequently Asked Questions about Pojo’s Card of the Day [Podcast]

I shed some light on this wonderful 15 year tradition that has been the foundation of Pojo, and answer many of the questions long-time...

How to Get Strong Opening Hands

This was my very first featured article on Pojo.  I made a few revisions, cut repetition, cut fluff and removed dated references (including a...

Overcoming Nostalgia Bias

This was the last article I wrote in 2014 before taking a hiatus from the site and Yugioh for a bit.  After this point,...

From Gargoyles to Anthropomorphic Airplanes

I don't have much to add on this old article about cards becoming more cartoony and less scary over the years.  I just want...

Jaelove’s Journey and Pook’s Place

Shout out to the previous featured writers who held down the fort.  This article was me as a new Pojo writer expressing gratitude to...

The Pervasion of Technology

This is a combination of two short articles I wrote about Yugioh and technology over time. The Information Age Ban lists went from happening twice per...
dark magician girl

How I Started Playing Yugioh

I'm sure everyone remembers their first duel.  At least I hope so.  I was 11 when I started playing.  I was 22 when I...
Snorlax VMAX

An Introduction to Pokémon V

With the eighth generation of Pokémon among us, several things have changed with the Pokémon TCG, but this article will focus on Pokémon V....