We all like shiny things, right? Hello Pojo Readers, Crunch$G back with the next What You Should Know article, this time over the third installment in the Battles of Legend series, Hero’s Revenge. This set is known for having high value reprints, in demand rarity bumps, and some new cards to try and spice things up. Whether it’s some new OCG imports or cards from the television show finally printed, there are some noteworthy new cards in this set. The reprints are great as well when it comes to holoing out decks or making cards more budget friendly, despite short printing of cards to the point where you pull 1 or 2 per case, so let’s get to talking about this year’s Battles of Legend.


Assortment of Original Series Cards

First off we got some cards finally adapted from the original series into the TCG card game. Ipiria is a small little Reptile that lets you draw a card upon its summon. Water of Life is a Spell that lets you revive a monster from your graveyard in Attack Position if you control no monsters, but you can only activate monster effects of the revived monster. Gold Moon Coin lets you add 2 cards from your hand to the opponent’s hand in order to let you draw 2 cards. Finally, Gingerbread House lets your opponent’s monsters gain 600 ATK during their Standby Phase, then you destroy all of their monsters with 2500 or more ATK after they gain that small boost and you’ll gain life points equal to the number of destroyed monsters times 500.

Heroes with a Vision

Another set of cards finally getting printed after many years are the Vision HEROs that remained in the GX Manga. There are 4 Level 3s (Minimum Ray, Multiply Guy, Increase, and Poisoner) that can go from the graveyard to the Spell/Trap Zone as Continuous Traps and lets you tribute a HERO monster you control to Special Summon themselves from the Spell and Trap Zone and gain various effects when you do so. Minimum Ray lets you destroy a Level 4 or lower monster of the opponent’s. Multiply Guy boosts a monster by 800 ATK. Increase summons a Level 4 or lower Vision HERO from the deck. Poisoner halves the ATK of a monster on the field. Along with that are two other Vision HEROs. Vision HERO Gravito is a Level 4 that grabs back a banished HERO upon its summon and can tribute itself to Special Summon 2 Vision HEROs from your Spell and Trap zone. Vision HERO Faris lets you discard a HERO to Special Summon himself from the hand and when he is summoned, he can take a Vision HERO from your deck and put it in the Spell/Trap Zone as a Continuous Trap but in return you can only summon HEROs for the rest of the turn from the Extra Deck. Vision Release is a Spell that Special Summons a Vision HERO from the Spell/Trap Zone and, except the turn it is sent to the graveyard, can banish itself to add back a Vision HERO in your graveyard to your hand. Vision Fusion is a Spell that Fusion Summons any HERO using monsters in your hand or on your field, and it can banish up to two Vision HEROs that are treated as Continuous Traps for Fusion Material as well. Finally Apparition is a Normal Trap that lets you Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Vision HERO from your deck and half the original ATK and DEF of an opponent’s monster when a face-up HERO you control is destroyed by battle or effect.

Want Your Fortune?

The first set of cards adapted from the 5D’s anime are the Fortune Fairies, who’ve become Effect Monsters in the TCG vs being Normal Monsters in the show. Each of them can Special Summon themselves from the hand when you draw them and offer various effects when they are Special Summoned through any means. Hikari upon being Special Summoned lets you send a monster you control to the graveyard to Special Summon any Level 1 Spellcaster from the deck. En upon being Special Summoned can target and destroy a Set card your opponent controls. Hu adds a banished Spellcaster to your hand. Swee targets and banishes a face-up monster on the field until your next Standby Phase. Ann banishes a Spellcaster from your deck. Finally, Chee lets both players draw a card. Unacceptable Result is a Quick-Play Spell that Special Summons a Fortune Fairy from your hand if you control a Spellcaster. Miracle Stone is a Continuous Trap you can only control 1 of, and it boosts your Spellcasters by 500 ATK and DEF per Fortune Fairy you control with a different name and lets you draw a card once per turn when a Fortune Fairy battles. Lucky Loan is a Normal Spell that targets a Spellcaster you control and Special Summons a Fortune Fairy from your hand or deck with a level 1 lower than the targeted monster’s, but locks you into Spellcaster summons for the rest of the turn.

Delta Accel Synchro: T.G. Style

More 5D’s anime cards, this time are the T.G. cards from the show (in the episodes that were never dubbed in English). T.G. Gear Zombie is a Level 1 Tuner that targets a T.G. you control and debuffs it by 1000 ATK to Special Summon himself from your hand. Drill Fish is a Level 1 that can attack directly, can be Special Summoned from the hand if you only control T.G. monsters, and destroys a monster of the opponent’s when you deal battle damage. T.G. Metal Skeleton is a Level 2 that Special Summons himself from the hand if a monster is destroyed by battle or card effect and can banish himself from the field or graveyard to prevent the destruction of a T.G. monster. Finally, Sonic Stun is a Normal Trap that negates the attack of an opponent’s monster and then it can let you summon any T.G. or a Level 4 or lower Tuner from your hand or deck.

Final Numbers Revealed

After all these years after ZEXAL, we finally have all 100 Number monsters revealed, with a few still OCG exclusive of course and Numbers 1 through 4 still being in the anime only, but I digress. Number 26: Spaceway Octobypass is a generic Rank 3 of any 2 Level 3 monsters, can detach a material at the start of the Battle Phase to only let 1 monster attack that turn and make it a direct attack, and a monster goes to the opposing player if it deals damage via a direct attack. Number 60: Dugares the Timeless is a generic Rank 4 of any 2 Level 4 monsters and can detach 2 materials to either let you skip your next Draw Phase to draw 2 cards and discard 1 right then and there, skip your next Main Phase 1 to revive a monster in Defense Position from your graveyard, or skip your next turn’s Battle Phase to double the ATK of a monster you control. Number 76: Harmonizer Gradielle is a generic Rank 7 of any 2 Level 7 monsters, has her attribute become the attributes of the Xyz Materials, can’t be destroyed by battle with monsters of the same attribute and cannot be destroyed by the effects of monsters with the same attribute, and finally as a Quick Effect lets you target a monster in your opponent’s graveyard to then detach a material and absorb the opponent’s monster as material. Number 97: Draglubion is a generic Rank 8 of any 2 Level 8 monsters, cannot be targeted with card effects, and can detach a material to take 2 Dragon Numbers in your Extra Deck or in your graveyard with different names that aren’t Draglubion and revives one and attaches the other Number to it as material, but you can’t Special Summon for the rest of that turn or attack except with the summoned monster.

A Swarm of Synchro Summoning

The final new cards from the anime come from Arc-V and they are the Battlewasp archetype. Pin the Bullseye is a Level 1 that Special Summons himself from the hand if you control an Insect and can once per turn deal 200 burn for each Pin the Bullseye you control. Dart the Hunter can discard himself when a Battlewasp destroys a monster by battle and burns the opponent for the destroyed monster’s ATK and while on the field can target another Insect and turn it into a Tuner, but locks your Extra Deck summons to Insects for the rest of the turn. Sting the Poison is a Level 2 Tuner that searches for a Battlewasp monster upon summon and during either player’s turn can tribute another Insect to target an Effect Monster your opponent controls and negate its effects until the end of the turn. Twinbow the Attacker is a Level 3 that Special Summons himself from the hand but locks your summons from the Extra Deck for the rest of the turn to Insects and it can attack twice every Battle Phase. Arbalest the Rapidfire is a Level 4 that summons a Level 3 or lower Insect from your graveyard in Defense Position upon Normal Summon and summons a Battlewasp from the hand or deck when destroyed by the opponent. Azusa the Ghost Bow is a generic Level 5 Synchro Tuner of any 1 Tuner and any 1+ non-Tuners, inflicts damage to your opponent equal to a Battlewasp’s original ATK if said monster deals damage to the opponent, and revives itself from the graveyard if a Battlewasp is destroyed in battle but is banished when it leaves the field. Halberd the Charge is a Level 6 Synchro of any 1 Insect Tuner and any non-Tuner(s), halves the ATK of a monster it battles if said monster has higher ATK than Halberd the Charge, and burns the opponent for 200 damage per Battlewasp you control if it deals battle damage. Hama the Conquering Bow is a Level 8 Synchro of any Tuner and any non-Tuner(s), can attack twice if a Synchro Monster was used as Synchro Material for this, debuffs your opponent’s monsters by 1000 ATK and DEF when it deals battle damage, and at the end of the Battle Phase burns the opponent for 300 per Battlewasp in your graveyard if they didn’t take damage during that Battle Phase. Ballista the Armageddon is a Level 12 Synchro of any Tuner and any non-Tuner(s), upon being Special Summoned banishes all your Insects in your graveyard to debuff the opponent’s monsters by 500 ATK and DEF per banished Insect, deals piercing, and if destroyed by the opponent summons 3 of your banished Level 11 or lower Insects. Summoning Swarm is a Normal Spell that revives Level 4 or lower Battlewasps up to the number of monsters your opponent controls, but locks your Extra Deck summons to Insects for the turn. Revival Swarm revives any Battlewasp and can banish itself from the graveyard to give a Battlewasp immunity from battle and effect destruction until the end of the next turn. Battlewasp – Nest is a Continuous Trap that summons a Battlewasp from the deck, gains a counter, and ends the Battle Phase when a Battlewasp you control is targeted for an attack, but Nest leaves the field if it has 2 or more counters during the End Phase.

Link Monsters and other Imports

Finally we got a various number of OCG Imports in this set not in the OCG version of this set, including several archetypal boosting Link Monsters. All-Eyes Phantom Dragon is a Level 10 Scale 0 Pendulum who in the scale allows a Dragon Pendulum to attack again in a row if it battled an opponent’s monster, but only it can battle for the rest of that turn and as a monster must be Special Summoned from the hand or Extra Deck by tributing all monsters you control (min. 2) including a Dragon Pendulum, doubles his ATK when battling an opponent’s monster, and lets you send a Spell/Trap you control to the graveyard to negate the activation of an opponent’s Spell/Trap card or effect. Hi-Speedroid Kitedrake is a Level 8 Synchro that needs any WIND Machine Tuner and any non-Tuner(s), upon Synchro Summon can either destroy all other cards on the field or negate the effects of all face-up cards your opponent controls, and upon being sent to the graveyard by an opponent’s card searches for any Speedroid monster. Avendread Savior is a Link-2 with Bottom Left and Bottom Right arrows, needs 2 Zombies as material, becomes Revendread Slayer on the field, can target a Vendread card in your graveyard and add it to your hand, and when battling an opponent’s monster can send a Zombie from the deck to the graveyard to debuff the opponent’s monster by the level of the sent Zombie times 200. Black Luster Soldier – Soldier of Chaos is a Link-3 with arrows pointing Up, Bottom Left, and Bottom Right, needs 3 monsters with different names as material, has targeting and effect destruction immunity if you used a Level 7 or higher monster as Link Material, and when it destroys an opponent’s monster by battle it can gain 1500 ATK, make a second attack during that Battle Phase, or banish a card on the field. Harpie Conductor is a Link-2 with Bottom Left and Bottom Right arrows, needs 2 WIND monsters as material, becomes Harpie Lady on the field and in the graveyard, can destroy a Spell/Trap you control instead of a Harpie being destroyed by battle or effect, and bounces a Special Summoned monster of the opponent’s to the hand if another face-up Harpie returns to your hand. Double Headed Anger Knuckle is a Link-2 with Right and Down arrows, needs 2 Machines as material, cannot be used as Link Material, and once per turn can either send a card from your hand or field to the graveyard to revive a Level 10 Machine in Defense Position with negated effects or can send a card from your hand or on your field to the graveyard to revive himself. Traptrix Sera is a Link-1 with a Down arrow, needs any non-Link Traptrix, is unaffected by Trap effects if it was Link Summoned, and can either summon a Traptrix from the deck with a different name from monsters you control if you activated a Normal Trap and can set a Hole Normal Trap from your deck if a different Traptrix uses its effect. Hi-Speedroid Rubber Band Shooter is a Link-2 with Bottom Left and Bottom Right arrows, needs any 2 WIND monsters as material, can grant you an additional Normal Summon of a WIND monster while locking your Extra Deck summons for the rest of the turn to Synchro Summons, and can banish a WIND Synchro from the Extra Deck to reveal two Speedroids whose total levels equal the banished Synchro’s and lets your opponent randomly pick one to add to your hand while the other goes to the graveyard. PSY-Framelord Lambda is a Link-2 with Bottom Left and Bottom Right arrows, needs any 2 non-Token monsters as material, lets you use PSY-Frame monsters effects from your hand even if you control monsters, and searches for a PSY-Frame during your End Phase if a face-up Psychic monster you control was banished that turn. Magical Musketeer Max is a Link-1 with a Down arrow, needs any Level 8 or lower Magical Musket as material, upon Link Summon can either let you search for Magical Musket Spells and Traps up to the number of monsters your opponent controls or summons Magical Musket monsters from the deck up to the number of Spells and Traps the opponent controls, and can let you use Magical Musket Spells/Traps from your hand during either player’s turn. Gimmick Puppet Chimera Doll is a Link-2 with Bottom Left and Bottom Right arrows, needs 2 Machines as material, and can take a Gimmick Puppet from your deck during your Main Phase if it was Link Summoned onto the field and either add said Gimmick Puppet to your hand or send it to the graveyard and for the rest of the turn you cannot summon from the Extra Deck except Machine Xyzs and you can summon a Gimmick Puppet from your hand when you used that effect if every monster you control is a Gimmick Puppet. Salamangreat Almiraj is a Link-1 with a Bottom Right arrow, needs any Normal Summoned/Set monster with 1000 or less ATK as material, can tribute itself during either player’s turn to give a monster immunity from effect destruction that turn, and revives himself from the graveyard if a Normal Summoned/Set monster you control is destroyed in battle. Stardust Mirage is a Normal Trap that revives every monster destroyed by your opponent that turn if you control a Level 8 or higher Dragon Synchro. Finally, Dark Sacrifice negates the effect of a card that would destroy a card(s) on the field, then sends a Level 3 or lower DARK monster from your deck to the graveyard.

Noteworthy Reprints

Now for the reprints. Five-Headed Dragon is reprinted with a new alternate artwork. Foolish Burial has a reprint as Ultra Rare to finally have a cheap and easily accessible foil version of the card. Vision HERO Vyon gets a boost to Secret Rare and Elemental HERO Stratos gets its first mass reprint since getting unbanned. Destiny HERO – Dangerous makes a nice foil upgrade, Elemental HERO Neos Knight gets its first reprint, and Absolute Zero gets its second mass worldwide printing. Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon is reprinted for Zombie players using Super Polymerization. Lunalight Crimson Fox and Kalideo Chick get foil upgrades, along with Predaplast. Dinowrestler Pankratops gets a well deserved foil print. Borrelsword Dragon gets a highly demanded reprint. Salamangreat Sanctuary and Will of the Salamangreat get foil upgrades for Salamangreat players. Cyber-stein is printed for the first time in over a decade, its second reprint ever, and the first time after being unbanned. Guardian of Order gets its first reprint ever. White Dragon Wyverbuster and Black Dragon Collapserpent get mass reprinted foil upgrades. Artifact Scythe gets an Ultra Rare printing that isn’t the Sneak Peek promo and Artifact Lancea gets a Secret Rare upgrade. Shaddoll Falco, Hedgehog, Squamata, and Beast get foil reprints in here to prepare for the future Shaddoll Structure Deck and to promote the fact that Construct is legal still. Subterror Guru is a nice foil reprint for Subterror players. Herald of the Arc Light is a great reprint for Ritual players, and Nekroz Cycle is good for Nekroz players specifically. Interrupted Kaiju Slumber makes a nice Secret Rare upgrade. Summon Limit gets its first printing in years and first time in foil. There are Sky Striker reprints including a Secret Rare Raye, Ultra Rare Afterburners, and the inclusion of Engage and Widow Anchor. Finally, Number 93: Utopia Kaiser is finally accessible outside being a prize card.

In Conclusion

For the most part, the anime and manga cards are just cool to finally have printed. Fortune Fairy and Battlewasp are fun archetypes. Vision HEROs Faris and Increase are the best Vision HEROs and the only ones really worth playing. The T.G. support is nice for the deck. The Numbers are cool to get closer to completing the series, with some good effects as well. The original series cards are the biggest examples of cards just cool to have, even with Ipiria having potential. The Link Monsters we got in this set are really good, and outside that only Dark Sacrifice and Hi-Speedroid Kitedrake are the only other worthwhile imports. The reprints are great for rarity bumping and giving good value. The Sky Striker cards and Borrelsword needed reprints mostly. Pankratops, Lancea, and Summon Limit get well deserved foil printings finally. There are just a lot of good new cards, whether for the meta or for casual play, and the reprints offer value as upgrading rarities or giving in demand cards more prints.