Today’s Video Game Review is for Dungeons of Eternity, which I have been playing quite a bit lately with friends online.  I use the Meta Quest 2 VR Headset (Oculus Quest 2).  This review in the style of our Card of the Day reviews.  😉

  • Name: Dungeons of Eternity VR – by Othergate 
  • Type: VR Dungeon Crawler
  • Attribute: Co-operative Badassery
  • ATK: 9000 (Epic Sword Swings)
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Effect: Gather your fellow adventurers and delve into the depths of Eternity, a realm overflowing with loot, danger, and the promise of epic glory. Slay hordes of undead monstrosities, navigate treacherous labyrinths, and conquer challenging bosses, all while basking in the immersive magic of virtual reality.

You can play with 1-2 friends if you want. The largest total party size is 3.

Flavor Text:

  • “This ain’t your grandma’s dungeon crawl. This is VR, baby!”
  • “Combat feels like a glorious dance of death, every swing and spell resonating with satisfying impact.”
Bow shots are so satisfying

Pojo’s Experience:

Dungeons of Eternity is an absolute blast to play with friends.  Shooting monsters with your bow in VR is fricking epic.  It’s tedious, but reloading with your off hand to grab the next arrow from your quiver on your back feels extremely satisfying.  

The co-op in this game just works so well. One person can tank, while another picks off enemies from a distance with a long-range bow.  One person can pick up a health potion, and use VR hand controls to lob it to an ally, who then uses VR hand motions to catch it.  To get healed, you have to pull the cap off the health potion, tilt your head back, and pour the potion into your mouth.  And then your wife yells at your from the dining room table, saying: “WTF are you doing over there?!”  

I personally have a little trouble with Motion sickness in first person VR.  My friends don’t have the same problem.  My buddies are able to move about freely in the dungeon using their joysticks similar to a normal video game.  Luckily, Othergate offers two other modes of movements for players with weak stomachs like me.  You have the option to teleport or blink instead of walking/running. This helps me tremendously!  I can play this game for hours without needing a barf bag.  

The screen captures here make the game look extremely dark. But you can see very easily inside the game.  Your headset shuts out your surrounding environment, and immerses you into the dungeons very well.

You can dual wield with swords, hammers, maces, shivs, shields, and more!

Pojo’s Pointers:

  • While the core gameplay loop is familiar dungeon crawler fare, the VR twist elevates it to a whole new level of immersion and excitement.
  • The combat system is a shining star, offering a satisfying blend of tactical depth and thrills.
  • The loot system is addictive, feeding the urge to explore and conquer for that next weapon upgrade.
  • The co-operative play is where this game truly shines, forging bonds of camaraderie and shared victories.
Chest drops allow more Avatar customization

Overall: Dungeons of Eternity VR is a must-play for any VR enthusiast who craves a thrilling adventure, epic loot, and the joy of slaying monsters with friends. It’s a dungeon crawler’s dream come true, brought to life in the breathtaking realm of virtual reality.

My wish list for this game:

  • I would love to have 4 player co-op. Just adding one more player would be fantastic.  
  • I also wish bosses dropped some sort of loot.  Loot comes from chests only (as far as I can tell).  There is something unsatisfying when you kill the final dungeon boss, and he doesn’t drop loot or a chest.  

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 (a guaranteed brain-meltingly good time)

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