Bill · Base Set
Bill · Base Set

Bill – Base Set

Date Reviewed:  January 15, 2024

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PSA 10: $130
PSA 8: $25

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  • Bill: Base Set Staple or Budget Bin Filler?
  • Card of the Day: Bill (Base Set #91)
  • Set: Base Set (The OG)
  • Rarity: Common (But don’t underestimate him!)
  • Effect: “Draw 2 cards.”

Pojo’s Analysis:

Ah, Bill. The friendly face that greeted countless newbies and veterans alike in the heady days of Base Set. This unassuming Trainer, holds a special place in Pokemon TCG history. But is he merely a nostalgic relic or a card with surprising bite? Let’s dissect this Pokemon Master.

The Good:

  • Simple, powerful effect: Draw two cards. In a resource-hungry game like Pokemon TCG, card advantage is king. Bill slaps two fresh options right into your hand, fueling your offensive, defensive, or combo-tastic shenanigans.
  • Versatility: Bill fits into any deck like a comfy pair of old shoes. He fuels aggression, bolsters control, and smooths out clunky draws.
  • Common rarity: Budget-conscious trainers rejoice! You won’t have to mortgage your house to snag a playset of Bills. He’s readily available and easy to max out, making him a cornerstone for any fledgling deck.

The Not-So-Good:

  • Power creep: Let’s be honest, the game has evolved (pun intended). Cards like Cynthia and Professor Juniper offer card draw with additional bells and whistles (tutoring, discarding unwanted cards, etc.). Bill starts to feel a bit quaint in their shadow.
  • Deck space is precious: In a 60-card deck, every slot counts. While two extra cards are nice, Bill doesn’t offer any immediate impact. He can be a luxury in tighter decks.
  • Nostalgia goggles: Does Bill’s charm cloud our judgment? Maybe a bit. Newer Trainers offer more strategic depth and flexibility, making Bill feel like a trusty old friend rather than a competitive powerhouse.


Bill, like a well-worn pair of jeans, is comfortable, reliable, and always welcome. He’s a card that defines the early days of Pokemon TCG, offering straightforward card advantage that fits into any deck. But in today’s fast-paced meta, he might struggle to keep up with flashier Trainers. Still, for casual play, new players, and sentimental collectors, Bill remains a timeless classic.

In 1999/2000, Bill was like Frank’s Red Hot Sauce: “Frank’s Red Hot Sauce … I put that $h!t in everything”.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Pokéballs (A solid choice for casual play and nostalgia, but consider more potent options for competitive decks.)

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