Everyone loves bugs and dinosaurs, right? Hello Pojo Readers, Crunch$G back to talk about the newest Speed Dueling Structure Decks to add to the Speed Dueling card pool. This time instead of getting three 20 card decks with three Ultra Rare promos and nine skills, we’ll get two 30 card decks with two Ultra Rare promos and four skills. These decks and skills bring Rex Raptor and Weevil Underwood into the Speed Dueling world and give us some cards you would of expected them to use back in the day along with a few modern cards that match their decks and some old vanillas from the OCG 20 years ago finally coming to the TCG, so let’s look into these decks and see what we got.

Italics = Cards previously released in other Speed Duel sets

Rex’s Deck

Ultra Rare Promo: Order to Charge

Deck: Serpent Night Dragon, Two-Headed King Rex, Uraby (x2), Crawling Dragon #2, Tomozaurus, Anthrosaurus, Black Tyranno, Super-Ancient Dinobeast, Mad Sword Beast, Gilasaurus, Gale Lizard, Dark Driceratops, Hyper Hammerhead, Element Saurus, Black Stego, Gentlemander, Raise Body Heat, Ultra Evolution Pill, Spacetime Transcendence, Cost Down, Summoner’s Art, White Elephant’s Gift, Heat Wave, Card Advance (x2), Hunting Instinct, Reinforcements, Pharaoh’s Treasure, Limit Impulse


The promo will be a pretty good option if you got a lot of Normal Monsters, but your opponent has a big threat already on board, making it a good option to easily clear it. Of course you got those vanilla monsters in here, with some of the best in this deck probably going to be Two-Headed King Rex and Crawling Dragon #2 for their base stats. Serpent Night Dragon will work better in Speed Duels since it has a skill that it works with to make it feel useful now. Black Tyranno and Super-Ancient Dinobeast can make for good Dinosaur boss monsters with the Double Evolution Pill skill in Scars of Battle for attacking directly with Black Tyranno or an easy potential 1-tribute with Super-Ancient Dinobeast that gives you draw power if you can somehow revive your Dinos. Mad Sword Beast can be a decent piercer if you can get its stats up, or you got Dark Driceratops if you want to Tribute Summon. Gilasaurus is a good option for a free body on board. Gale Lizard is going to be decent for bouncing monsters back to the opponent’s hand, and the same goes for Hyper Hammerhead. Black Stego can get a good attack in and then switch to it’s 2000 DEF body. Gentlemander can protect one of your monsters from battle destruction by coming from the hand to take the hit instead. Ultra Evolution Pill can get a big Dino out of your hand with ease if you got Reptiles in your deck, and Spacetime Transcendence can do similar if you have monsters in the graveyard with the right levels. Summoner’s Art can search for your boss vanilla monsters if need be. Heat Wave is great if you are playing a beatdown like deck with Normal Monsters only. Card Advance can help you stack your deck to choose what you want to draw next and give you an easy Tribute Summon after you used up the Normal Summon for the turn. Hunting Instinct can get a Dinosaur body on board if the opponent Special Summons. Finally for this deck, Reinforcements can be good to make sure your monster wins a battle when it’s being attacked or attacking something slightly stronger. 

Dinosaur Kingdom

One of Rex’s two skills is Dinosaur Kingdom, which is basically the Jurassic World Field Spell. At the start of the duel, this Skill will go to your Field Zone and act as a Field Spell that boosts your Dinosaurs by 300 ATK and DEF. This can probably help some Dinosaur beatdown strategies as most the other Field Spell like Skills only boost by 200 ATK/DEF, so having this give an extra 100 can give Dinosaurs a slight edge in a beatdown strategy, especially with some of the options they have when it comes to strong beaters, some piercers, and some very big bosses. This will probably be the Dinosaur go-to Skill if they just want to make their monsters slightly stronger, but this won’t be their only options, so I wouldn’t call it a Dinosaur staple.

Nightmare Sonic Blast!

Rex’s other Skill works with one of his ace monsters, Serpent Night Dragon and actually gives a benefit to using Serpent Night Dragon over something like Red-Eyes, Dark Magician, or Blue-Eyes. Once per turn, you can use this Skill while you control Serpent Night Dragon to reveal the top four cards of your deck, gain various effects based on the number of monsters revealed, then put said cards back in any order. Revealing one monster lets you add any revealed card to your hand, which is going to be nice if you reveal some good cards to help protect your game state or make a push for game. Two monsters revealed lets you destroy a card your opponent controls, which is going to be fun when you remember you can’t chain to Skills, so this gets rid of a threat guaranteed. Three or more monsters revealed gives you both effects, and that’s basically the perfect scenario. The Skill makes Serpent Night Dragon playable, but I can’t guarantee it’ll be one of the best Speed Duel decks.

Weevil’s Deck

Ultra Rare Promo: Jar of Avarice

Deck: Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth, Petit Moth, Big Insect, Basic Insect, Winged Cleaver, Kumootoko, Alinsection, Insect Queen, Cocoon of Evolution, Man-Eater Bug, Pinch Hopper, Insect Princess, Gokipon (x2), Bee List Soldier, Beetron, Laser Cannon Armor, Forest, Verdant Sanctuary, Insect Neglect, Worm Bait, Enchanting Fitting Room, Dark Factory of Mass Production, Amulet of Ambition, White Elephant’s Gift, Eradicating Aerosol, Spider Egg, Corrosive Scales, Adhesion Trap Hole, Order to Smash


Well this deck does not have the decent bodies that Rex’s deck has, the Insects in this deck are pretty weak, and it doesn’t help we don’t have a skill for Forest yet. Jar of Avarice makes for a great recycling option in this format, though, as it can get back a lot of cards and net you a draw as well. Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth is likely never going to be summoned with the Petit Moth and Cocoon of Evolution combo since I doubt even a 2000 DEF monster will survive for 6 of your turns, but there’s another option for our big moth friend. Insect Queen is basically a big insect that gets bigger with more insects on the field, needs a tribute just to attack while already needing two tributes to Normal Summon, and summons a Token with 100/100 stats in Attack Position if it kills something. Man-Eater Bug will probably be better than the aforementioned Gale Lizard in most situations, but eventually you’ll see Gale Lizard have its benefits over Man-Eater Bug. Pinch Hopper can help get your bigger Insects from your hand to the field. Insect Princess can work with a skill of Weevil’s as it changes all your opponent’s Insects to Attack Position and gains 500 ATK when it kills an Insect. Gokipon can be a great searcher for your weaker Insect monsters. Beetron can swap your Spells and Traps for your Level 4 or lower Insects in the graveyard to get rid of a Spell/Trap that isn’t as useful for another body on board for something like protection or a Tribute Summon. Verdant Sanctuary can get you an Insect from your deck with the same level as an Insect that is probably inevitably going to get destroyed in battle. Insect Neglect can be good for stalling with Insects. Worm Bait will give you more protection while you have an Insect, Enchanting Fitting Room can potentially fill your board with low level vanillas for protection or tribute fodder at the cost of 800 LP. Dark Factory of Mass Production makes for good recovery in a format where card advantage will matter a bit more for protection. Amulet of Ambition can really help your low level vanillas destroy the big threats in this format by battle. Eradicating Aerosol will be a good anti-Insect card if Insects get really good in this format. Spider Egg can offer some strong protection if your graveyard is full of Insects and you’re taking a direct attack. Corrosive Scales can be decent in this format to make sure your opponent can only attack your strongest Insect and debuff their monsters slightly in a format where that’ll matter much more. Adhesion Trap Hole really weakens a monster just for being summoned, which is great to prevent it from killing your monsters. Finally, Order to Smash can be a decent Spell/Trap removal option if you have low level vanillas.

Hyper Metamorphosis

This will probably be your go-to to getting Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth onto the field. If you control a Level 3 or lower Normal Insect, you can use this skill to discard 2 cards and tribute said Insect to summon Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth from your hand or deck, but any damage your opponent will take for the rest of the turn is halved. Well the halving damage prevents you from winning way too quickly, but this skill has a very high cost for a big 3500 ATK body in return with no real effect, so you got to hope that is enough. It’s still the most viable way to summon Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth until Cocoon of Ultra Evolution potentially enters this format as well, but this skill is still far better than protecting Petit Moth for 6 turns while you hope to draw into your Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth, which will suck to draw with this skill.

Hidden Parasite

Another easy to use skill, but you can only use it twice per duel. Once per turn, you can activate this Skill to change all monsters on the field to Insect type, but any battle damage your opponent takes is halved for the turn. This skill has pretty niche uses, and the halving of damage on here is a little unnecessary compared to the other Weevil skill. This skill can mess with your opponent if they are reliant on their monster-types due to their Field Spell skill or Equip card potentially, and it helps with Insect Princess to swap their monsters to Attack Position for Insect Princess to kill and get a boost. The skill is very niche and I don’t know how often it’ll be useful, but at least it has some uses and maybe more in the future.

In Conclusion

The Rex deck is pretty good for another beatdown option, as there are some pretty solid Dinosaur cards in the deck along with some potential staples and some solid skills for fun strategies or maybe a competitive deck potentially. Weevil didn’t get the same luck. Sure you got Man-Eater Bug and a few solid Insect support cards, but it’s mostly pretty lackluster and the skills don’t compensate for that. His promo card is pretty solid though as it is more generic than Rex’s is. Still, there are some worthwhile cards for the Speed Duel format in both decks to where it might be worth grabbing, especially if you want to play with Dinosaurs.

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