Friday, April 16, 2021
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Parks Board Game Box

Parks Board Game Review – A Trip That’s Worth Taking

Parks is an artful new board game designed by Henry Audubon and published by Keymaster Games.  I saw this at GenCon and purchased it...
Pathfinder Adventure Path: The Show Must Go On (Extinction Curse 1 of 6)

Pathfinder Adventure – Extinction Curse: The Show Must Go On Review

“The Show Must Go On” is a Pathfinder Second Edition adventure for four 1st-level characters. This adventure begins the Extinction Curse Adventure Path, a...

Foodies Board Game Review – Try a Sample!

Foodies is a fun new game by Ken Gruhl, brought to us by CMON and Spaghetti Western Games.  We had the pleasure of testing...
Fluff Fast-Paced Family Bluffing Game

Fluff Game Review – A Bluffing Dice Game

"Wondering how it's played?" - Bootstrap Bill "I understand. It's a game of deception. But your bet includes all the dice, not just your own....

Cities: Skylines – Cooperative Board Game Review

Cities: Skylines is a new "Cooperative" Board Game from Kosmos Games.  Players work together to plan, build and manage a growing city.  Your team...

5 Great Boards Games to Play Remotely with Friends & Family

My friends and family used to get together on a weekly basis to play board games.  Social distancing has put a huge damper on...
TTR London

Ticket To Ride London Review

I am a huge fan of the Ticket to Ride Board Games.  When new gamers ask for a board game recommendation for their family,...
Star Realms: Frontiers

Star Realms Frontiers Review – Deck Building Game

To be honest, I had never played Star Realms or Hero Realms before Gen Con 2018. While I was at Gen Con 2018, I saw...

Downforce Board Game – Mario Kart Theme and Variant

Pimp My Ride! Downforce is one of my favorite board games to play when we have six players at the gaming table.  (It's also fun...
villainous box art

Villainous Game Review – A Disney Themed Board Game

Disney Villainous is a game that made a huge splash at GenCon 2018 in August.  The game was extremely popular at the Ravensburger /...