Maushold – Scarlet & Violet

Date Reviewed:  May 22, 2023

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 2.50
Expanded: 2.50
Limited: 2.00

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Reviews Below:

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The first time I saw Maushold and their signature move, it reminded me of a “better” Cinccino since Maushold has both Tidy Up (which acts like Dragon Dance and Rapid Spin combined!) and Population Bomb (which can hit as many as ten times!). If even has Technician (albeit a hidden ability) to bolster that signature move; if it hits all ten times, it’s an effective 450 base power with STAB and Technician (675 power if boosted by Tidy Up once). That’s something Cinccino wished it could accomplish!

But seems like Maushold (Scarlet & Violet) has something similar to their signature move. Not Slap, which does 40 damage for 1 Energy, but rather, Family Attack, which costs 2 Energies and does 70 damage for each of your Maushold in play. For deck construction, you can only have up to four of the same cards (sans Basic Energies and other bygone mechanics like ACE SPEC, Prism Star, and Radiant Pokemon), so at most, you can only have up to four Maushold in your deck and in play. Still, having all four of them in play means Family Attack does 280 damage, which is a LOT, even if you attached a Double Turbo Energy to them (which weakens to 260). Add in Defiance Band, and it can reach 310 damage, which means only the high-end Pokemon-ex can survive it.

While Maushold is capable of dealing lots of damage, it isn’t without drawbacks. It has almost the lowest HP of a Stage 1 (at 70), only slightly more HP than some of older cards like Skiploom and Ribombee, meaning it will get easily OHKOed. It’s also possible that some of your Tandemaus/Maushold cards may be prized, so damage output drops considerably. Other than those drawbacks, Maushold can definitely make for a rogue deck. Not so much in Limited, since with 4-7 packs, I doubt you can pull a 4-4 Maushold line, even though the rarity for these cards is Common and Uncommon.


Standard: 2.5/5
Expanded: 2.5/5
Limited: 2/5

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