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Friday, 1.18.02   It's Friday and I know you all have better things to do than hear me ramble.  That said, let's cut to the chase.

Our Card of the Day is Basking Rootwalla.  Joining our Card of the Day staff today is our newest staff member, Andrew Chapman.  We're kinda going in the reverse order on this one, but Andrew's section will be coming soon.  We felt that he was a valuable enough ad that we wanted to start him on Card of the Day immediately.  Look for his work around the first part of next week.

Speaking of new staff members, Doctor Mackerel is just as new as Andrew, and you can see his work now!  The good doctor gives us his first fix, Reyanimator.  

And if it's Friday, that usually means Aaron is in his MTG Deck Garage.  Today Aaron looks at a Blue/Green deck submitted by a fan.  

And ... we're wondering ... Are you planning on playing in the Torment Pre-Release?  Let us know in the poll in the right margin today.  

Thursday, 1.17.02   The Event Horizons Invitational is coming.  Some of you may know what it is, and others may not.  You should all check it out, as it's one of the most fun ways to play Magic that there is.  Sixteen brave souls have been chosen to participate in this year's event.  We will be posting articles about all sorts of things Invitational related up to the Invitational.  Today we have one competitor's perspective, a few fan decks on the subject, as well as a few links saying what the Invitational is.  (3:00p PST)

The Torment Pre-release is just around the corner.  With that comes the Pre-Release Card.  This time, being the "Black Set" it's only appropriate the card is black.  It's in Russian, and it's called Laquata's Champion.  It's a 6/3 for BB4, creature Nightmare.  When it comes into play, target player loses 6 life.  When it leaves play, that player gains 6 life.  It also regenerates for one black.  

Card of the Day is also around.  Today our staff looks at the blue card from Torment, Possessed Aven.

Wednesday, 1.16.02   Like we do each and every day, we start the day off with a nice bowl of Card of the Day Cereal.  Today, instead of the normal Trix, Wheaties, Fruity Pebbles, Coco Pebbles, or even the Full English Breakfast, we start off with a little Radiate.  We've got all sorts of opinions on this one.  A definite read about one of the more interesting cards from Torment.

Feeling patriotic?  Well, the Brian Eha over in our Strategy Guide has a pretty well written article about Evolution of a Type 2 R/W/U Deck.  Go in there and check it out. (10:45am PST)

Tuesday, 1.15.02   Well, today we're going to take a look at yet another new card from Torment in Card of the Day.  Torment has been called "The Black Set", so it's only fitting that we look at the central character from that set, Chainer, Dementia Master.

"Magic Online" has been the big buzz in the community for some time now.  WotC has recently released a Press Release. About the pricing structure and a redemption program associated with the new game.  Give it a look!  (9:00am PST)

After a brief hiatus, The Happy Heretic, John Hornberg, is back.  Today he looks a little into Torment with Method to the Madness - A Preliminary Assessment. (9:10am PST)

Finally, we have a JSS Semi-Finalist Report from Anchorage, AK.  Check out the way north metagame. (9:15am PST)

Monday, 1.14.02   The Torment expansion pre-release tourneys are coming up at the end of this month.  Since WotC has already shown us images of some cards in the set, we figured we'd take a look at Torment cards for a while.  Today's Card of the Day is Compulsion. 

John B. Turpish is back with an all new "Deviations from the Norm".  Today, John has his thoughts on some cards from Torment, and some deck possibilities as well.  

All Seyberth sent us a new Peasant Magic Deck idea today.  For those of you looking for some Cheap-A$$ deck ideas, we now have over 140 Peasant Magic decks posted on the site.

Friday, 1.11.02   It's been rumored for a while, and Wizards of the Coast confirmed it ... Sengir Vampire is back in Type II.  We figured the Fat Boy would make a great Card of the Day for a Friday!  Come read what our crew thinks about this old school flier!

DeQuan Watson resent in his article from Grand Prix Houston ... "I'm resending because I forgot to proofread the last article.  Please post my apologies on the website to all the readers for me sending it late in the evening and not checking it myself!  I apologize :(  "

It's Friday, and that means  Aaron is back in his Deck Garage looking over another deck. Today, Aaron looks at a "Mahamoti Burn" deck.
Fletcher Peatross will be playing in the Events Horizon Invitational soon, and has a report about some of the great competition that he will be up against. You can read Fletcher's report in his Rumblings from the Ass Department.  

Thursday, 1.10.02  There are 5 eggs in Odyssey.  Today, our Card of the Day crew has their thoughts on these mana producing eggs. (9:00 am EST)

Wizards of the Coast sent us another Press Release late last night.  This Press Release has has details about the new Torment Expansion for MTG.  The Press Release has details on cards, theme decks, game mechanics, the pre-release tourney & more.  And, yep, it's official ... Sengir Vampire is back in Type II.   (9:30 am EST)

Shaun Byrnes sent us a Tourney Report from Ohio. (3:00 pm EST)

A handful of Single Card Strategies were added today (Vampiric Dragon, Decaying Soil, Obliterate, Traumatize, Wrath of God & More).(3:10 pm EST

A couple of Deck Ideas & Strategies were posted in our Strategy Guide as well. (A type 2 beatdown deck, and a HariKari deck idea).(3:10 pm EST

Wednesday, 1.09.02   It's DeQuan Watson time for a report from Grand Prix Houston.  How did DQ fair after taking that 3 hour drive from Dallas to Houston?  Read The Dragon's Den today and find out.  

Today's Card of the Day is Patchwork Gnomes.  This card is in Odyssey, reprinted from Tempest.  Our crew is all over this card.

A lot of stuff was added to the site yesterday.  If you missed it, scroll down and get caught up.

Tuesday, 1.08.02   Fletcher Peatross, our Content Editor, played this past weekend in the Grand Prix in Houston, TX.  Fletcher played well and has a tourney report.  What?!  I want to hear more about one of our COTD crew members getting tossed from a tourney!  Do tell Fletcher ... Do Tell !!!  Read Fletcher's Tourney Report in his Rumblings from the Ass Department.  

Today's Card of the Day is Concentrate.  Concentrate is a new Blue Spell from Odyssey that allows you to draw 3 cards.  Drawing is always good ... but does our crew think you can play it?

John B. Turpish is back with an all new "Deviations from the Norm".  Today, John discusses his experience with the "Magic Online" software.  Or, as he put it - "Why should this site be saved from Magic Online articles that have plagued the web lately? :)"

A new Poll was added to the right margin today.  Thanks to Fletcher for the Poll idea.  We'll try to add at least one Poll or Trivia Question to the site every week!  Looking for the old Polls & Trivia Questions?  We've created a Quizzes & Polls page for you. 

Our friends at Wizards of the Coast sent us a Press Release regarding Pro Tour San Diego that takes place this weekend.   

Monday, 1.07.02   It's Monday, and time to kick off another week of Card of the Day.  This week, we'll be looking at a variety of cards from Odyssey.  Today, seven of our staffers have their thoughts on Spiritualize.  They're not very fond of this uncommon. 

Congratulations are in order for Jonathan Pechon.  He Top 8'd at the Grand Prix in Houston over the weekend.  Jonathan was a Featured Writer for us for about 6 months last year.  He had a department called The Helpdesk.  Congrats Jonathan!

WotC has a report of the Top 8 decks from Grand Prix Houston on their site.  

Friday, 1.04.02   Today's Card of the Day is Mirri, Cat Warrior from Exodus. She's a hot table dancer. But will she help you win games when she's dancing on your side of the table?

Aaron Teare, one of our MTG Deck Mechs, took a detour this week in his Deck Garage to discuss another WOTC game - Dungeons & Dragons.  If you are interested in D&D, stop by Aaron's Deck Garage today.  If you are into MTG, all his previous fixes are posted there too!  There's also a letter in here from the fan who sent in last week's deck that Aaron fixed.

WOTC takes control of the Star Wars Trading Card Game!  Details on the Main Page of Pojo.com.

Thursday,  Now that the Holidays are over, I can concentrate a little more on updating this site.  I've fallen behind in posting fan tips, tourney reports & such.  But we're getting caught up today!

Today's Card of the Day is Predator, Flagship from Nemesis. This card score high marks in the limited environment, but how about constructed? 

Dirk Biesheuvel sent us a Tourney Report from a Peasant Magic tourney in Holland.  Rich Cartman sent us a Tourney Report from a Grand Prix Houston Trial

A handful of Single Card Strategies were added today (Blessed Wind, Sliver Queen, Donate, & Vampiric Dragon). 

A couple handfuls of detailed Deck Ideas & Strategies were posted in our Strategy Guide as well:



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