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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day



Torment - Uncommon
1U - Enchantment

1U, Discard a card from your hand: Draw a card.
1U, Sacrifice Compulsion: Draw a Card

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.07
Limited: 4.00
Reviewed January 14, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



I think this card is EXCELLENT in both constructed and limited. I am sure that people will find it useful in both formats, and I'm going to give it a tentative 4.5 in both formats. This card is waiting to be broken.


Limited ****
Constructed ****

I've always been a big fan of Jalum Tome... this card is just flat out beter if you're playing Blue. Giving all your bad draws "cycling" is simply excellent for any environment. Combining this with the new "Madness" mechanic from Torment has serious potential for Odyssey Block... maybe even Standard if there are plenty of good madness cards included in Torment!


Hang on a second - is this Torment, or Urza Block.  A card that gives all your cards cycling - cool.  Actually, Compulsion is amazing.  The ability to race through stuff that is doing you no good, like late lands, and spells that are bad late, like Force Spike and others, and in return, get cards that you can use?  Sounds like a plan to me.  On top of this, You'll have Threshold in a jiffy.  Plus, once you draw that second Compulsion, just sac off the first one and it completely replaces itself.  This card is good - very good.  In my opinion, counter decks are going to absolutely love to abuse this card.  It seems so innocent in nature, yet so unbelievably abusive in its practicality.

In limited, its even more broken, if you can imagine it.  You get so many worthless lands and spells that are simply no good.  Just pitch them away and find something useful.  Even early, if you need land, go get it.  I could go on and on, but I'd only be repeating myself.  Compulsion is broken.

Old Constructed - 4.25
New Constructed - 4.75
Constructed Potential - 5
Overall Constructed - 4.67

Limited - 5


To me, it looks like Trade Routes, except much more useless. I don't see this card being used very much, and if so, as a supplement to cards like Fact or Fiction or Standstill. The problem is that it's not major card advantage, and it's not incredibly broken. It's good, but not broken. I really can't give you an accurate judgment, because I really need to see it played before I can rate something from a future set, especially something like this. It all depends if it catches on, but from just looking at it, Convulsions looks like a 2.5. Average, but not great in my eyes. 

In limited, anything that draws cards has potential to see play. Any cantrip can be played, no matter how stupid it is, simply because it draws cards. Still, this card is kind of blah, and while limited decks using blue can do a lot with it, there's no point in really drafting more than one. So, in limited, I'd say this card goes between say the 5th to 10th picks, but I can't make a fair judgment, because I have not seen the spoiler yet. In limited, it gets a 3.5.


100% playable in limited, this little enchantment may find it's way into standard in a threshold dependent combo deck. It's nice because once you run out of hand resources to trade, you can throw this baby into the trash and replace it. This card is going to break Blue-Green as THE deck to play in limited. This plus a Looter gives you so many chances to get to and throw your Roar of the Wurm into the graveyard, and now of course, tossing your rootwalla into the graveyard seems like the strong play too. 

Mental Discipline Rating: Cycle-licious
Limited Rating: 4
Constructed Rating: 1


Limited: **** (4 Stars)
Constructed: *** (3 Stars)

In Limited, I think that Compulsion is going to be pretty good. It will let you cycle any un-needed cards into (hopefully) something worth losing a card. Also, if you get to the point where you can't afford to pitch a card since they're all needed, just lose the Compulsion and you're good to go. In Constructed, it probably won't be as useful since there are better card drawing tools available, but it will still be worth it at times.


This card has a lot of uses.  It also makes a blue/green threshold based deck a LOT more fun and a LOT more viable.

I can see this card getting a lot of use.  In some ways it seems reminiscent to Trade Routes.  However, I think Compulsion will see more play.  I can definitely see it's synergy with a lot of cards in constructed.

I will also say that it might allow you to do some crazy things in limited.  Maybe even more so, depending on what comes out in Torment.  I like it a lot.  It can be  fun challenge to play and play against it.

Constructed Potential - 3
Limited Potential - 3

Oh yeah...this thing might even help a few combo decks along.  So...

Combo Potential - 3

John B

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Review Of Unrealeased Cards May Result In Foot-In-Mouth Disease

That having been said, I think Compulsion may easily find its way into a few type 2 decks. It's not quite as revolutionary as a certain Sideboard writer would seem to make it out to be, but it certainly is worth consideration in a number of decks. Rating = 3

Rob Lawing

This card seems designed for limited because most people wind up with less than desirable cards, particularly in the mid to late game, so shucking basic lands or bad spells in search of better cards is excellent. I don't see it making the cut in constructed because it is an enchantment, and there are lots of better card drawing cards out there.  Let's go with 4 in limited and 2 in constructed.





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