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     I've sent you this deck multiple times but yet no response, it probably won't work this time but mine as well try anyways. I play an aggressive Type II Black/White deck. Take a look.

The Mother Load Deck

3x Desolation Angel
3x Serra Angel
3x Phyrexian Scuta
2x Plague Spitter
3x Phyrexian Arena
3x Death Grasp
2x Wrath of God
1x Spreading Plague
4x Life/Death
4x Dega Sanctuary
4x Gerrard's Verdict
4x Skull Fracture
4x Soul Link
10x Swamp
10x Plains

     Well I have a couple combos that work quite well, the life gain is great and the deck works pretty good, I've placed quite good in the last few tournaments so I was happy. I guess the only problem would be the lack of speed please take a look thanx.

               Signed: Richie


(Note from Pojo editor first:  Dear everyone who wants a deck fix:  Aaron gets dozens of deck fix request in the mail every week.  He picks one at random to review every week.  If he wants to continue to have a life, it would be impossible for him to review every one.  If you want some help for sure, use our Message Board.  ;-)


OK Richie, lets see what we can do to increase this decks performance.  

First of all, I'd love just once to have a deck sent to me with the correct amount of mana.  With all the expensive spells in the deck like Desolation Angel, Serra, and Deaths Grasp 20 Lands ain't even CLOSE to enough!!  Caves of Koilos should be the first thing you should start trading for, all the Gold and mana-intensive spells will be easier to cast with this Apocalypse pain land.  Also, since the deck could use some acceleration I'd add some Black and White diamonds to the deck.  Note these will help you recover much faster than the opponent after a kicked Desolation Angel.

Also, as a rule, creature enchantments suck.

I'm wondering why Life/Death is on your decklist.  I'd tryout Night/Day since it can deal with the opponents Elves and Birds and later can pump all your fatties.

Holy Cow... where's Duress?  It's only the most broken card black has currently in Standard.  Another card you'll want to put high on your trade-for list is Vindicate.  This under-costed spell allows you to deal with ANY threat on the board.

Here's a rough version of Richie's deck after my suggestions:

4 Plague Spitters
4 Serra Angels
3 Desolation Angels

4 Duress
4 Gerrards Verdict
4 Vindicate
3 Death's Grasp
2 Wrath of God
2 Night/Day

3 Charcoal Diamonds
3 Marble Diamonds
4 Caves of Koilos
10 Swamps
10 Plains

While still not Tier one, the deck should perform much more efficiently now with a better mana base.  Busting out fatties and following up with a 'Geddon effect at a relatively early point in the game can make for some hilarious games (as well as brutal)!

Hope this helps... have fun!



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