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Nov 10 & 11, 2001

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11.28.01 - A Helpful List

Well, I've been away for a while doing things for my store here locally.  I would like to take a moment and say thank you to everyone that attended our GP Trials and Pro Tour Qualifier over the weekend.  As usual Jim Shuman and his wonderful wife ran a great event.  I also want to say thanks to both of my employees and many times throughout the day players told me I had some of the best employees for a game store.  My favorite moment of the day was some one telling me that the owner should be glad to have some one like me working for him and then got embarrassed when I said, "Thanks, he's really glad to hear that!"
Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked here.  We have an event going on at our store nearly every weekend.  Needless to say, that keeps me busy.  I also try to keep up the quality of each of our events at our store.  Why run more events if the quality isn't going to stay up and stay fun?  Well, honestly, I feel that way about my writing as well.  I didn't want to just rush something to the site and give you junk to read.  People like my writing and like the quality of my writing and hopefully it stays that way.
Now, after a set up like that I bet you are all wondering what I have for in the way if literary entertainment today.  Well, to prove that I am writing for the readers, I decided to take a request a couple of weeks ago.  Sorry I lost the name and e-mail, it's been a few weeks, but it was a request from a school teacher.  This teacher apparently got some students started into collectible card games.  They have been reading reports and articles online and aren't understanding some of the terminology of the game.
Well, I figured why not help them out.  I understand that there is a ton of slang involved with the game.  That's not totally relevant and important.  I wanted to try and make sure that I covered some of the major terms.  I would like to thank all of the #mtgwacky regulars (our IRC channel), especially Chris Pikula.
Well, without further ado, here's the list of important Magic terminology that we came up with.
BEATDOWN - This generally refers to attacking with creatures.  One of the three major deck types.  The other two being CONTROL and COMBO.  Can also be used to say, 'serving up the beats.'
BOARD - The play area where your permanents are played.
BOARD CONTROL - When you have the advantage on the board.
BOUNCE - A spell or effect that returns a card to it's owners hand from play.  Most often refers to blue cards that do this.
BROKEN - Used to describe a card or item that is too good for it's environment.  This term is overused.
BURN - term generally used for any red spell that deal damage.
CANTRIP - A spell that gives you an effect and then lets you draw a card.
CHUMP BLOCK - Throwing a creature in the way of a larger creature knowing that the blocking creature can't kill the attacker in anyway.
COMBO - Refers to a type of deck that wins by playing a series of cards strung together in a long, continuous combination to win.
CONTROL - Type of deck that generally plays a low number of creatures by tries to win the game by seriously limiting the activities the opponent.
DAMAGE ON THE STACK - term used to let each player know they have reached the step in the attack phase where creature damage is going to be placed onto the stack of effects.
DECKED - Loosing be being run out of cards.
DEFENSIVE DRAFT - Drafting a card that might hurt your deck during the deck.  Also popularly referred to as D-Draft.
DOME - Refers to the physical cranium of your opponent.  ex. " I'm sending a shock for two to your dome."
FATTIE - referring to a creature with a high power and toughness and usually a high casting cost.  Generally fatties are the finishers for decks.  Even a WEENIE (see below) deck might include one or two of these guys to help them break through to finish a game.
GANG BLOCK - Blocking an attacker with multiple blockers at once.
GOING OFF - Described what combo decks do as they string their combination of cards together before they play their win card.
GREY OGRE - Loosely used to described a creature played as a 2/2 for 3 mana.  Refers to the plain and simple Grey Ogre from earlier base sets.
GRIP - Popular term among players used to describe their hand.  Generally used in terms of saying 'full grip' which refers to a full hand of seven cards.
HATE - Cards that go against a particular deck or deck type.
HOSE - Cards that go against a particular deck or deck type.
HILL GIANT - Loosely used to describe a creature played as a 3/3 for 4 mana.  Refers to the plan and simple Hill Giant from early base sets.
IN RESPONSE - This phrase is used when players want to signify that they want to add enother effect to the STACK before letting the effect or spell just cast resolve.
MANA FLOOD - Getting too mana mana sources during the course of a game.
MANA SCREW - Getting stuck on a low amount of land.  Usually used when getting denied a second or third color of a deck in critical positions.
MANA WEAVE - Place your lands throughout your deck every two to four cards before shuffling.  This is supposedly done to help distribute your mana whenever you are shuffling.
PERMISSION - Refers to cards that counter particular spells or effect.  This termed was derived from the idea that players are asking, "May I cast this spell?" or "Does this spell resolve?"
PILE SHUFFLE - A method of shuffling where you lay cards out in front of you face down, generally in piles of six or eight.
PING - one damage.  This is a term developed from older players.  Was originally used to represent the pinging sound of  one point hitting you. 
Was originally popularized in the early days when Prodigal Sorcerer was heavily played.
PLAYTEST - Playing decks against each other to see which is better. 
Sometimes this process is used just to see which cards may work better in a particular deck.
QUALIFIER - This generally refers to Pro Tour Qualifiers.  These are events that get you an invite to a pro tour.
RARE DRAFT - Take every possible rare that passes you during a draft.
RED ZONE - The are where creatures fight it out.  Just like football, the red zone (are inside the 20 yard line) is the toughness part of the field. 
Term was derived from Wizards having a red line on the tables at a Pro Tour and the players using that stripe to represent creatures attacking.  ex. "Moving my Serra Angel into the red zone."
REMOVAL - A card that takes another card out of play to the graveyard.  It's most often used to describe a particular type, like creature removal or enchantment removal.
RESET - Refers to resetting the BOARD ( see above).  Nivenyrral's Disk would be considered a reset button.
RIP - Drawing a card from the top of your deck.  ex. "I need to get a good rip here to win!"
RIFFLE SHUFFLE - The shuffle method in which cards are held in either hand and layed one over another rather quickly.  This is the popular way to shuffle among casual card players.
SAC - Short for sacrifice.
SEARCH - Cards that let you go through your library to get a card.
SERVICE - Another term used to describe attacking.
SCOOP - Conceding the game.  Refers to the act of "scooping" up your cards.
STALL - Taking an excessive amount of time to play out your turn to try and stretch out the game to hit the time limit and get a win or draw.
STICK - This has a dual meaning.  The first being a random player that's usually easy to beat. ex. "I played against some stick."  The second refers to creatures that do a good job. ex."That Meddling MAge is such a stick." or "Mystic Snake is counterspell on a stick."
STOMPY - Term used to describe green deck that play small fast creatures with creature enhancements spells.
SWING - This is a term developed recently to mean 'attack'.  Popular use would be, "Then I'll swing for 10."
TOPDECK - Drawing an important card off the top of the deck.  This card is generally a game winning card or one of the few cards in your deck that you might be able to draw to stay in the game.
TRIALS - This term generally refers to Grand Prix Trials.  These events help you win byes in the early rounds of Grand Prix events.
TOP ROPE - The top of the deck.  Term carried over from exciting things happened in wrestling from the top rope.
WEENIE - referring to creatures with a low casting cost and a low power and toughness.  Generally weenies are 2/2 or1/1.  Sometimes weenie decks can refer to deck composed primarily of fast small creatures, but may include creatures as big as 3/3.
WHEEL - The person seating in the seat in a Rochester draft that will be getting the 8th and 9th pick consecutively during that pack in the draft. 
Used to described the turn coming back the opposite direction from that seat.
This is by no means all of the Magic terms you will hear.  These are some of the most popular most used terms.  This should help you navigate through some of the articles you read a lot easier.
I hope this helps.
Until next time,

DeQuan Watson
a.k.a. PowrDragn




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