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12.28.01  - This is a deck i only use against my friends, and we play 60-75 cards , no SB, ANY cards OK for deck (including banned/restricted), no Unglued (duh).

This deck is to basically get rid of the opponent's hand, then play Avatar of Will, drawing some extra cards along the way.

DISCARD AND DRAW (Red, Blue, & Black)

Lands (25)
 7 Mountain
 7 Island
 7 Swamp
 2 Salt Marsh
 2 Shivan Reef
"Discard" Cards (20)
 4 Blazing Specter
 2 Doomsday Specter
 4 Ravenous Rats
 4 Recoil
 2 Crossis, the Purger
 2 Ostrasize
 2 Duress
"Draw" Cards (8)
 4 Archivist
 4 Bargaining Table
Others (12)
 4 Avatar of Will
 4 Terminate
 2 Shock
 2 Mirari

Paul Reisinger

Judging by the title alone, "Discard and Draw" I had a good feeling this deck would have potential to be good.  Card advantage is KING!

Having said that, I'm going to take my idea's from last week's deck fix (go check it out now if you missed it) and go one step further.

Looking at the cost of spells in Paul's deck I see that he has pretty much the right amount of land in the deck.  Discard and Draw has mainly low and mid costed spells with some higher end spells so 25-26 lands fits the bill.

However, this deck is a perfect example of a mana base that is out of whack even with the correct amount of land!  How so?  First check the actual lands used:

7 Mountain
 7 Island
 7 Swamp
 2 Salt Marsh
 2 Shivan Reef

Now lets look at the spell selection and compare:

Red Spells: 12
Black Spells: 24
Blue Spells:  16

Immediately it becomes apparent the RATIO of lands is off.  There's twice as many Black spells in the deck as there are Red, yet the number of Swamps and Mountains in the deck are the same!  

To figure the correct ratio is simple, just add the number of spells together:

12 + 24 + 16 = 52

Then figure out the percentage each color has of the deck:

Red 12 / 52 = 23%
Black 24 / 52 = 46%
Blue 16 / 52 = 31%

This shows that 23% of the decks land should produce red, 46% should produce Black, and so on.  This is SUPER simplified, but by using this easy method Paul's deck will run much more smoothly as he'll have the correct mana when he needs it.    I'm sure there's been many occasions when Paul was begging for Black mana!  =)  Bottome line, the mana ratio of your deck is just as important as the amount of mana in your deck!

Lastly, a few parting tips.  Lands that can produce more than one color mana are usually good.  Playing with ATLEAST 4 tap lands and 4 pain lands in the deck should help the mana ratio greatly and shouldn't hamper the deck much at all.  Also, as a rule it's usually a good idea to keep the double costed spells to a minimum in multi-color decks.  Not only would it be difficult to come up with the UU to cast Archivist, but the fact he's a weak creature means the opponent should be able to easily deal with it even if you can cast it!

Finally, up the Duress count to 4!  Invest in some Shadowmage Infiltrators to replace the Archivists, and where the heck are the Probes?!?!  =)

Hope this helps... have fun!



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