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Hey Aaron,
i need some help with my deck
see there is alot of fast decks in my area. the
idea of this deck is to kill all the mana getting creatures before the "fatties" come into play while dealing lots of damage to the other player.
this deck works pretty well but its not quick enough.

heres my deck...

3 laccolith titan
2 avatar of woe
2 thrashing wumpus
2 nightscape apprentice
1 ball lightning
1 wall of bone
1 cinder elemental
1 avatar of fury
1 crimson hellkite
1 halam djinn
1 thunderscape master

other spells:
2 pyroclasm
3 lava burst
1 downhill charge
1 jokulhaups
1 inferno
1 giant strength
1 volcanic wind
2 agonizing demise
2 soul strings
2 soul burn
1 vicious hunger
1 scavenged weaponry
1 deathgrip
1 planeswalker's scorn
1 backlash
1 cauldron dance
1 aladdin's ring

10 mountain
10 swamp



Sweet Mother of God. If I see this just one more time:

10 mountain
10 swamp

I'm gonna rip my monitor out of the wall and throw it thru the window!!

Pay attention!

The most important part of good deck building is a solid mana base.  Your deck could be full of broken goodness, but if you can't cast the goodness you have ZERO chance of winning!!

To make things simple, use this as a guide for building your mana base:

16-18 lands --> a mono color deck using ONLY 1 and 2 casting cost spells
18-20 lands --> again mono color but with only a few mid cost spells (3 maybe 4)
20-22 lands --> 2 color deck using all low (1 and 2 mana) casting cost spells
22-24 lands --> 2 color decks primarily using low casting spells with a few mid cost
24-26 lands --> 2 or 3 color using mix of low/mid cost spells with a few high cc spells
26-28 lands --> multi color decks with focus on expensive or controlish strategies

The above chart is very generic, but is a great guide for starting to build a deck.  If your deck is built to win quick by playing early creatures you'll start at the top of the chart.  If you like a controlish counterspell deck you'll likely belong in the lower part of the chart.

So having said this lets look at Scott's above deck and break it down looking at the casting cost of his spells.  

0-2 casting cost spells: 7
3-4 casting cost spells:  15
5 and up casting spells:  17

As you can see Scott's deck has a SERIOUS focus on expensive spells.  There's nothing wrong with expensive spells as long as they can actually be played.  Referencing my mana chart the deck definitely falls into the 26-28 land category.  I guarantee increasing the land count in the deck will greatly improve Scott's win/loss ratio.

Hope this helps...have fun!



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