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with Fletcher Peatross

01.11.02   The Event Horizons Invitational is coming up soon, and now that I'm invited, the work I had been putting into it will pay off. This year though, I plan on having alot more fun than I did last year. I think I had to have been in the worst 'magic place' of my career. I was not enjoying playing at all. This weekend, I went 5-5 and had one of the best magic weekends I've ever experienced.

I'm ready to have fun.

This year the competition is pretty good. I'd have to say last year's field was a bit stronger though, but with the banning of David Williams, James Stroud dropping off the face of Magic, and many good players not having spectacular years, this year its a whole new ballgame.

The list of invites and what I think of them:

Skye Thomsen - Skye has not seen much Texas magic recently, but his play is usually very solid. I expect him to be in the middle to top of the finishers, but I do not expect a repeat performance.

Henry Morrow - A complete unknown. Maybe he's been working secretly down in the bayou's and will be coming out to claim the title.

Brian Lyons - Brian has greatly stepped up his game in the last year, and there is no reason to doubt he'll do well in the tournament.

Adrian Sayers - Adrian has been working on decks with Bryan Hubble and should be a top contender this year. Usually his luck is not very good though, so I expect that trend to continue and have him miss the top spot just barely.

Bryan Hubble - Will Bryan come and want to win or not care enough to try? If he wants to win badly enough, he's a definate contender. He's also very good at building decks and who knows what constructed decks he's got in store for us.

Rob Lawing - Will Rob get the ass trophy for last place 3 years in a row? 

Jeff Zandi - Will Jeff Zandi compete closely with Rob for that ass trophy? 

Do I love both of these guys and am very happy they are invited? Yes. They are good for Texas Magic as they love the game.

Jonathan Pechon - Jonathan showed this weekend at the Grand Prix that he deserves his choice made by Sheila Weissman. He will most likely be the unhappiest contender this year though as I've never seen Jonathan enjoy a game he's losing. Ever.

Donald Paul - The "Gov" as we like to call him will most likely make a strong showing as usual. His rogue deck choice style usually does not do well though, and he'll be struggling in the middle of the pack.

Lan D. Ho - Can Lan become the first two-time champ? Depends, we might kill him for showing up 4 hours late first.

Trent Boneau - Trent is definately someone I expect to do extremely well. With no time limits in the rounds, Trent will be in his element. He's been practicing and I believe he'll be a top contender.

Jason Krysak - Jason's life is getting in the way of him practicing much for this event, so I don't think he'll do very well. He'll have to really step up in the coming month to win out.

Duy Nguyen - Duy will most likely have serious help from his friends. He builds rogue decks for normal tournaments, so I know he'll be packing some serious decks. He might be someone to watch out for. No time limits are also his friend.

Sceadeau D'Tela - I have no idea. We'll have to see.

Zach Karthauser - Undoubtedly Zach will be in the running the entire weekend. I know that last year his constructed decks were very good. We'll have to see what happens.

Fletcher Peatross - my personal pick for the winner.

Until next time,
Fletcher Peatross
The Biggest Ass in Texas

Copyright 2001


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