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01.11.02  - Subject: mahamoti burn by justin greenslate

i designed a blue red deck that could win a lot of tournaments with speed and control
   creatures 5
2 mahamoti djinns
3 flametongue kavus

spells 31
3 urzas rages
4 prophetic bolt
4 counterspells
3 repulses
4 fact or fictions
4 aether burst
3 opts
4 fire ice
1 exclude

lands 24
11 islands
9 mountains
4 shivan reefs

well there it is i need to play it a couple of times but i made it and its pretty good
ive been messin with it but i like it
the mahamotis are there for big creatures and the win
the flametoungues to take care of creatures
and all the other spells are there to take care of creatures and win


Justin has the framework here for a fun yet powerful Counter-Burn deck!  I'll just make a few comments and tweaks here and there to try and help him out.

Aether Burst is a sleeper hit from Odyssey for 2 reasons:  It kills Elephant tokens DEAD and makes Flametongue bounce!  Abusing 187 affects is good... don't forget about damage on the stack.

To give the deck some more counter support, I added Syncopate to my version of Justin's deck because it's easy to use requiring only one blue mana and because it does wonders versus opposing Flashback spells.  With everyone rushing to abuse Call of the Herd... this deck is looking to be a very good match-up against it!

I removed just one Prophetic Bolt and upped the Opt count to four, I think this will help ensure the deck runs smoothly since it has only 24 lands.  These cards along with the card drawing of Fact or Fiction will ensure this deck can keep up with just about anything the opponent can throw at it!  I also switched Fire/Ice with Firebolt after thinking long and hard.  I like Firebolt costing just one mana so it can deal Immediately with Birds and Elves.  Later on in the game Firebolt's flashback gives the deck yet another means of card advantage.

Here's my version  =)

4 Flametongue Kavu
2 Mahamoti Djinn

4 Counterspell
4 Syncopate
4 Firebolt
4 Aether Burst
3 Urza's Rage
3 Prophetic Bolt
4 Opt
4 Fact or Fiction

4 Shivan Reef
13 Islands
7 Mountains

One final thought:  a card from Odyssey that I think is better than Mahamoti is Amugaba.  For just one colorless more you get an additional point of damage and a built in "Blinky" effect!

Hope this helps... have fun!
Aaron Teare  



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