Central Arrester
Central Arrester

Central Arrester
– #V-BT06/017EN (RR)

[CONT](RC):If it is in the back row of the middle column, this unit can attack the vanguard from the back row, and if you have a vanguard with “Dueling Dragon” in its card name, this unit gets [Power]+5000 for each of your other units with “Arrester” in their card names.
Date Reviewed: October 15, 2019


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Saikyo's Avatar

I wouldn’t have given much thought to this were it not for the fact this can still be searched by ZANBAKU. So for your cost’s worth you lose a booster, so ZANBAKU won’t cross the 18k+ threshold against Force, but at least the extra attack might do some good. Problem is the space for it. I mean yes you need to run left and Right Arrester at max copies out of necessity, but for Central Arrester? Run 3 I guess but that’s basically all your Grade 2s, and honestly, I’d prefer to have Shirayuki as the extra option. Not to say you can’t do pure Dueling Dragons, haven’t tested it either way.

Also even if the VG isn’t a Dueling Dragon, you can swing at a Protect 1 or Accel deck RG for lulz.


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