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Day 15

With all 16 badges in hand I returned to Professor Oak.  He approved of my progress and sent me on my very last mission... to face the greatest Pokemon Master of all time.  For this, I had to head, once again, to Victory Road.  Along the way I made a slight detour to the top of Mt. Moon and finally saw those Clefairys in action!

 Unable to wait any longer I rode my bike to Victory Road and then up to Shirogane Mountain..  After zipping through a series of caves, there he was... the greatest Pokemon master of all time... my next opponent...

Ash Ketchum!!!
Without a doubt, this was the toughest battle in the game.  Just check out this killer lineup!


Find out this Fall/Winter when Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver become available in English!  Until then, keep your eye on for all of the Pokemon information we can get our hands on.  Thanks for reading along.  Good luck in your own Pokemon adventures!!! 

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