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Day 3

Didn't travel very far today but saw a whole lot of interesting places.

After using my CUT technique to get past a stand of trees, I came across my first Pokemon Daycare. Inside, there are two people who watch over your Pokemon (for a small fee). The old man will watch your male Pokemon and the old woman will watch your female Pokemon. Since I was down to four Pokemon I decided to try the computer system out. It wasn't so hard, the menus are in roughly the same order as the Red and Blue versions. That accomplished, I went back outside and was pleasantly surprised to see that both of the Pokemon I left in the Daycare were outside in the fenced-in yard. I'm assuming that I could leave more Pokemon there if I wanted but I was eager to get on my way.

The next town I entered was enormous. I found the Department Store, Casino, Bike shop (thank goodness), Restaurant and a Health Club. The town reminded me of Celadon City in Red and Blue and there were plenty of trainers to battle. I even picked up a coin case and played the slot machines a bit. Like Celadon City, there is a door in this town that is guarded by someone who appears to be from Team Rocket. Hopefully I can find a way to move him soon. In the mean time, I've figured out, through trial and error, the common Japanese symbols in the names of the different Pokeballs. Now I won't be wasting as much money in shops.
I decided to visit the Pokemon Center and as I came back out it turned from night, back to day. So maybe the game does have some sort of internal clock after all. Before leaving this town I noticed what seemed to be railroad tracks through the middle of the town. I wonder where they lead and how to get on them.

After taking a thorough milking from the cow in the Gym, I got my third badge and crawled out of town. I managed to catch myself a Ditto but four Abras teleported away before I could do any real damage to them. Better luck tomorrow!

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