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Day 10

After yesterday's battles today seemed quite mild. I made it a point to revisit some of my earlier routes and pick up a few of the Pokemon I missed earlier, especially Gastly. The bug catching contest took up most of my time as I consistently picked Pokemon either too powerful or too weak to catch a Pinsir. Needless to say I did a fair amount of re-setting the game in between attempts.

After a while my curiosity got the best of me and I hoped on my bike, headed for the sunny Southwestern shores where the S.S. Anne was ready to set sail.

What I thought would be a leisurely (2 hour) pleasure cruise turned into a series of trainer battles against spinach-eating sailor types and a heroic attempt to reunite lost love. All in a day's work I guess.

When I disembarked I found myself in familiar territory; Vermillion City! It seems this side of the country (it's almost the exact same map as Red/Blue) still has its share of sleeping Snorlax roadblocks.

Since the Gym was the next closest building I figured I'd give it a shot. Sure enough, there was Lt. Surge to give me a shot right back. A shot of electricity that is!

Glancing in Edo's walkthrough I decided to challenge Sabrina next, so it was off to Saffron city. I found what I believe to be the other train station here, connecting this side of the map to the new areas but there aren't any trains running just yet. I'm even able to use the FLY Technique from here and go back to the Indigo Plateau where I fought yesterday.

For now though, I'll continue on two wheels. See ya next time!

What… did you think that was it for today?! I had a little time on my hands and no access to my cartridges or a modem so you can imagine I was going through a little Pojo withdrawal. Luckily for you I was also feeling creative and designed a HYPER version of today's journal. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves…


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