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Ron's Gold & Silver Journal
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The Bad News

  • Day 12 took a bit longer to write and post than normal. Why? See 'The Good News', below.

  • I've almost visited every city on the Gold/Silver maps. I haven't caught all 251 Pokemon but I'm fairly sure that the game is almost at end. While this isn't the last journal entry it's getting pretty close

The Good News

  •  I've been spending a lot of my time updating the Pojo's Pokedex.

  •  With Lugia's help, my email box is almost organized. Remember, send all of your gameplay questions directly to him so we can include them in the FAQs.

  •  We have a lot of in-depth Gold/Silver articles planned to keep your interest until Gold/Silver are finally released in English

Without further adieu…

Day 12

I made it to Fuscia city during the night. Unfortunately, the place was a lot more deserted than in Red/Blue. No warden. No Pokemon in their 'pens'. No Safari Zone. While the inside of the Gym still had an invisible maze, the Gym Leader was new. Unfortunately, I didn't get a screenshot of her.

From there I headed West and then up the Cycle Road.  I was using a Himanutsu in my party, testing to see if he'd evolve at some point when I accidentally stumbled on the Gold/Silver equivalent of the Exp. All item. To my delight, I had two of them! In Gold/Silver, this device works, not by carrying it in my backpack, but by attaching it to the Pokemon I want experience shared with. For instance; I attached one to my Himanutsu and another to my Barugi. Then, even if niehter of them were in battle, they got some of the experience points. In fact, if they were in the battle, they got double the experience points. Way cool.

Reading Edo's walkthrough, I tried getting the monorail pass by getting the Clefairy Doll and giving it to the Copycat. I must have missed something, though because all I got was the Copycat looking like the hero. Ugh.

My exploration wasn't a total loss, though. I upgraded the radio in my Pokegear again and used it to wake that sleeping Snorlax.  While going through the Diglett cave I realized the obvious; going through the Red/Blue world in reverse-order was much easier than it was when I started in Pallet. My Odairu's almost level 60.

Obviously Pewter was on the other end of the Diglett cave (more or less). And Pewter still means Brock.

Since I neglected to capture Fuscia's Gym Leader for you I'll share Brock's new lineup;

  1. lvl41 Graveler

  2. lvl42 Kabutops

  3. lvl42 Omastar

  4. lvl44 Onix

  5. lvl41 Rhyhorn

Again, Odairu soaked them all. Better still, Barugi's experience device raised him high enough to evolve into Hitmonlee!! Kick!

If you're keeping count, Lucky Day 13 should be taking me to Pallet. Wish me luck!!

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