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Day 14

I decided to keep today short and post it as soon as possible to make up for the delay in days 12 and 13.

As I said earlier, there don't seem to be as many puzzles in this half of the game.  I surfed down toward Cinnabar Island (splashing a few wimpy trainers on the way).  There, I met Gary Oak.  He was standing around (looking for something?), and after I talked to him he flew away.  There wasn't anything else to do on Cinnabar Island so I headed to where the Seafoam Islands used to be.  There's only one cave there now and in it was Blaine.
   lvl 45 Magukaruga
   lvl 45 Magmar
   lvl 50 Rapidash
Next, I cruised past the trainers between Blaine and Celadon City.  Not finding anything else of interest it was a short flight back to Viridian to face Gary Oak. 
    lvl 56 Pidgeot
    lvl 56 Rhydon
    lvl 58 Exeggutor
    lvl 58 Gyarados
    lvl 54 Alakazam
    lvl 58 Arcanine

  The rest of the day was spent building up the experience levels of my favorite team, getting ready for tomorrow's final showdown.  Who will be waiting for me down Victory Road?

Find out soon!!


And here's another Journal first.  One of our faithful readers, Ryan, has sent in a great picture he made himself.  I haven't actually caught all 251 Pokemon in the game but I'm close enough for my sake.  (I'll save all the intense searches for the English version).  Thanks again Ryan!  Great work.

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