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Day 8

Well, today was a another day of decision; do I push forward and finish collecting my badges or do I spend time exploring the many sub-puzzles within this awesome cartridge? I compromised.

The first thing I wanted to do was breed that Shiny Gyarados with a normal Blue Gyarados. Since the Shiny Gyarados was a male, it took me a while to catch a female Magikarp and then raise it up until it evolved. So, why not head for the Ice Gym while I was waiting?! I had hoped I could pick up a Marril in the ice cave along the way but no such luck.

After a finding my way through a couple of slippery mazes I made it to the Gym Leader. I still don't have many Fire Pokemon in my boxes so I stuck with my favorites. Luckily, the badge was fairly easy to win. And since I was on a roll, I decided to head straight for the next badge at the Dragon Gym.



Like most of the other Gyms in Pokemon Gold, I had to complete a puzzle before approaching the Gym Leader. Then, after defeating him fair and square, I still didn't get my badge! Luckily, I checked in Edo's walkthrough and found out that I had to Surf behind the Gym and fetch my badge out of the cave.

Voila!!! 8 Badges in 8 Days!!!


Next, I went back to the Daycare center and retrieved my egg from the old man. In order for it to hatch I had to walk around some more. What better time than to go investigate that Annon puzzle? First, though, I paid for my two Gyarados, and as I was about to deposit them back into the computer I noticed something very odd. The blue Gyarados was now a male! Confused, I double-checked everything I'd done today and sure enough, it seems as though my Gyarados changed genders after laying the egg. Let's just hope this is a side effect of playing the Japanese cartridge on an English GameBoy.

Just for fun, I decided to try trading the Gyarados to my Silver cartridge. It didn't change back to a female, but I found something else that was really cool. The Pokedex pictures are different between the two versions. For example, compare this picture (below) of the Shiny Gyarados from Silver to the one (above) from Gold. Fortunately, my Odairu certainly looks more menacing on the Gold cartridge.

Ok, so it was back to Annon-catching for the rest of the day. I've managed to locate 16 different versions of this mysterious Pokemon before my egg hatched. Here's a rendition my favorite so farů

After all that work, the newborn Pokemon was just a normal Magikarp. Oh well J Better luck tomorrow. - Ron


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And last but not least, a few more frequently asked questions:

Q. Is there a way to breed two different Pokemon and get new, mixed types like Venustoise?

A. Nope. To the best of my knowledge (and everyone I've talked to) those rumors are false. Check out the Pojo's pokedex to see all 251 Pokemon. There are no crossbreeds.

Q. In the Pokedex, what do the symbols in the upper-right hand corner mean and why aren't they on every Pokemon?

A. I believe those are the footprints of the Pokemon. I don't think they have any function in the game but they're kinda cute. Pokemon that don't have feet, or float, or just lay there, like Metapod, don't have footprints.

Q. How do I get the radio upgrade?

A. I'll refer this type of question to Edo's walkthrough, but I don't think I mentioned the radio back in Day 2 of my journal. It attaches to your Pokegear and allows you to turn to different radio stations to hear different music. I've heard rumors about certain Pokemon that will react to certain radio stations later in the game ;)

Good Haunting,

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