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Day 11

If you missed it in Days 9 and 10, after beating the Elite Fourů the game is not over! The Professor invites you to try your vast knowledge of Pokemon out against yet another Pokemon League, the one from Red/Blue. Only this time, the place is a little bit different.

After yesterday's adventure I headed toward Lavender town. There wasn't much to see there but I made sure to pay my respects in what I believe to be an indoor graveyard. The Ghost Tower is now a radio tower, only they won't let me in yet.

Next, I biked to Cerulean city, hoping to face Misty but her gym was empty. I decided to check out some of the 'bonus' areas that were in Pokemon Red/Blue and to my surprise the Mysterious Dungeon has been sealed. Not only that, the Power Plant has been re-engineered and is now a fully operational Power Station.

I decided to pay a visit to Bill. On the way my I bumped into a Team Rocket member and my Ponyta was able to gain enough experience to finally evolve into a Rapidash. I think my favorite trainer battle in this area was against a trianer with a Guranburu, the evolved form of Snubble!

Once I got to Bill's house I found Misty, but she ran back to her gym. Going inside Bill's I found him a whole lot older. He asked to see some of my Pokemon in exchange for one of the evolutionary stones!

It made sense to go back and confront Misty at that point. No, the ocean and bubbles did not appear in my GameBoy version. I had some extra time on my hands so I converted her picture into a HYPER Misty.

She's certainly improved as a Gym Leader since her time with Ash but she's still a bit wet behind the ears when it comes to fighting a Denryu! Here's her lineup;
Lvl. 42 Golduck
lvl. 42 Nuo
lvl. 44 Lapras
lvl. 47 Starmie

Time to dry off and work on Day 12. See you there!

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