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Days 5 & 6

I didn't get as much time to play over the weekend as I'd have hoped, but the game still has me hooked.

First off, someone showed me that the big bulb-looking plants actually contain seeds that will restore 10 HP to your Pokemon. Very useful!

After exploring a bit, I came across a restaurant with a number of dancing girls on the stage. They all had a single Pokemon to fight me with. The first three were Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. To my surprise… the fourth and fifth Pokemon looked VERY much like evolved forms of Eevee! Could it be that there is a psychic stone and a grass or fighting stone that allows Eevee to evolve into one of these? By sorting my Pokedex in Evolution-Chain order the theory holds up. Now to find an Eevee!

Later, I ran across the guy who lets you give nicknames to your Pokemon, and was finally able to pick up a better fishing pole. I visited a farm with what are probably Ponytas out in the yard. In the barn, there appears to be another Ponyta being groomed. I was asked a yes/no question when 'talking' to it, but I can't tell if I'm supposed to give it an item or not.

Just south of there, I managed to defeat another Gym Leader, this one the hardest yet because of his Gengar. Boooo! Then, I visited a tower or lighthouse and picked up the HM04-Strength. Looks like it's back to the start of the map again for more item finding!

A neat trick that I overlooked all this time; when you're in a battle, a Pokeball will appear next to the defending Pokemon's name if you've already caught that Pokemon in the wild. Very handy.

Here are some more of the Pokemon that I've come across.


Good Haunting,


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