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Day 9

With all eight badges and Victory Road calling my name, I figured I'd better get myself a little more firepower before heading to the Pokemon League. Luckily, I remembered a vacant rooftop along my journey and sure enough, when I climbed back up there was a powerful Pokemon waiting there for me… Houou!

With Houou safe in my master ball I decided to visit home one more time. Besides, Wakaba Town was on the way. Once there (and thanks to my fellow Pokemon Gold players who sent in all of the great Emails) I took a break to experiment with the décor of my bedroom.

By using the computer I was able to switch posters, furniture, and even my dolls around. Though I don't know what effect this has on the game. It's kinda neat.


Well, everybody's been asking me which Pokemon I use in my team of six Pokemon. While I don't want to list every detail about them, I'm using; Houou, Odairu, Graveler, Denryu, Shiny Gyarados, and I keep my last slot open for the Pokemon I want to evolve next. While fighting in the Pokemon League I was using a Ponyta.

It took me two tries but I was able to beat the Elite 4.


I probably would have done it on the first try if I had had a Gengar in my group. My Houou did most of the work, followed by my faithful Odairu.

In the next room I met the leader of the Pokemon League.



I've decided to leave his picture out of the journal but it was a pleasant surprise. Of the Pokemon Elite I think the first master I fought was the toughest. Even if the leader did throw three Dragonites at me!

Pokemon Hall of Fame… Here I come!

Like Red/Blue, after beating the Pokemon League it's…

  …or is it?!?! ;)

Stay tuned… 

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