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Day 4

Another day of exploring during the game-night. The first area I pedaled through resembled a large park. In it, I found a few trainers and their Pokemon enjoying the night air. During one battle I found a status-changing attack that works similar to Sandshrew's Sand Attack. It basically paralyzes the defending Pokemon by charming it with little hearts. I include this here because I don't remember that attack from the Red and Blue versions.
Just beyond the park, I came across another checkpoint (guard station) but in this one, there seemed to be an auction being held. I wasn't able to bid on any items (I'm not sure what the items even were). Oh well. Each time I've gone back to that checkpoint, since, there hasn't been any auction in progress.
Further along the path I found my way blocked by an odd looking tree. When I used my CUT technique on it, it came alive and I had to fight it. This is seemed reminiscent of the Snorlax in Red and Blue -- you only get one chance to catch this Pokemon. Lucky thing I had 12 Pokeballs in my backpack!

Before going any further on the Town Map I decided to head back home and concentrate on finding any items I'd passed thus far. By using my Item Finder, Cut and Flash techniques, and my Old Rod I managed to pick up a few minor goodies, and I've made a note on places I'll have to come back to when I get the Strength technique and better fishing poles.

One handy little trick I found was the ability to Piggy Bank the money I'd collected from Trainers. To do this I talked to the woman (I'm assuming it's the hero's mother) in the hero's home. She'll let you deposit/withdraw money so that you don't lose it if all of your Pokemon get knocked out during a battle. I wouldn't be surprised if you could draw on the banked money somehow from in the field but without being able to read the Japanese I'm guessing.

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