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Day 1 (continued)

Ok… by now I've wandered around the first town and made my way into the grasslands a bit. There seem to be a lot of different trees and there are giant plants that seem to have some later purpose. They look a bit like Bulbasaur's bulb.

I was tempted, at first, only to catch Pokemon that don't appear in the Red and Blue versions of the game, but I don't want to limit myself later on in the game. Out of all of my random encounters I'd say that the number of 'new' Pokemon and the number of 'old' Pokemon are about equal. Plus, I'm very impressed with the new poses that the 'old' Pokemon are in.

After the first few battles I'm stunned at how much better the animation is, and the colorization is a vast improvement, well worth the purchase of the Gameboy color, alone. Especially when my Metapod evolved into Butterfree and the colored orbs went flying in all directions -- awesome!

When you throw a Pokeball, it bounces around a bit more and then turns a color if you've successfully caught the Pokemon you were aiming for. This might seem trivial but I like all the little details they've improved upon. Another great enhancement to the game are the status bars that tell you how close your Pokemon are to reaching their next experience level!

All of the Pokemon I've come across are designated as either male or female. I guess there will be some sort of breeding mechanism later in the game. Perhaps when I put two of the same Pokemon in a box… something to try tomorrow! One interesting thought; if Nidoran male and Nidoran female have different Pokedex numbers, why don't Caterpie male and Caterpie female? Must be because the Nidorans evolve differently?

And speaking of different Pokemon… I noticed a picture of Pokemon Number 201, named 'Unknown', in the Pojodex. Well, take a look at these two pictures of Pokemon Number 201. Weird?!

The first time I fought this Pokemon, in the underground ruins, I wasn't able to catch it in a Pokeball. Then, after a couple more steps I fought another that had the same number and looked DIFFERENT! By the time I found the exit, I'd come across at least 6 different versions of the same Pokemon!

At one point, I received a spotted egg from Professor Oak's aide. It didn't have any Hit Points or attacks, but after carrying him around for a while he seemed to hatch on his own. You guessed it… Togepi! His initial attacks were defensive only… until I taught him (what I believe is) the Swift!

The buildings and townspeople are similar to those in the Red and Blue versions but it's so refreshing to be lost (again) on a whole new map. I have to admit I hope I find a bicycle shop soon! Another interesting note; the Cable Club is now located on the second floor of the Pokemon Centers and there are more booths. I think this means cartridges make use of the IR port as well as the game-link cable.

By now, I've made it through three or four of the towns, passed a few puzzle-levels, and even picked up my first badge. To earn it, I had to fight a trainer who used only bird Pokemon. The badge itself looks like a pair of wings.

At the end of the day I've caught about a dozen Pokemon, though I'm not quite brave enough to explore the computer terminals. I'd hate to accidentally let go of my electric sheep while trying to trade him for one of the Pokemon in my backpack!

Phew! That's a lot to pick up in one day.

- Ron 


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