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Ron Smalec, a normal English speaking dude like most of us, recently started playing the Pokemon Gameboy Gold & Silver games.  He kept a really cool journal while he was playing.   We'll keep posting a little more of the journal in the days to come!

Day 1


They've finally been released. Now if I only knew how to read Japanese! Anyway… how can I resist this sneak-peek?! I am playing Pokemon Gold. The opening animation and music has me gasping. Much better than Red/Blue… go Lapras!


I started the game with the Water Type Pokemon, number 158.

My first goal, was to learn the basics; how to move around, how to use my menus, how to control my Pokemon. I'll just jot down some of the differences I found between Gold/Silver and Red/Blue.


First of all, instead of scrolling through a long list of items, you get a backpack. In it, there are different pockets in which you can keep items, depending on item type.

Second, the Town Map isn't an item anymore, it's in a separate window that also lets you access what I believe is a walkie-talkie. This lets you communicate from the field with people in towns.


You can attach certain items to your Pokemon as if they're carrying the items. For instance, you can write and attach a note, and I can't tell for sure but I think when you trade that Pokemon to another gameboy the note will be delivered. Other items look like boxes or shields but I can't figure out what the purpose of them is. Maybe it's the method for transferring items between gameboys?

The Pokedex is much easier to use. You can even chose the sort order of the entries. Some web sites are reporting that there are a total of 502 Pokemon in Gold/Silver. Actually, there are only 251.

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