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Day 13

Lucky Day 13 began with an idea, inspired by an email from a Pojo fan.  I was trying to get the Clefairy Doll from teh gentleman in the Pokemon Lover's Club but talking to him time and again I never seemed to get anywhere.  That's when I thought back to the dolls in the hero's room.  I quickly flew back to Wakaba and took all of the dolls off of the table in my room.  When I got back to Vermillion and then the Club, the guy gave me his Clefairy right away.  I can't tell for sure but maybe I traded one of the dolls in my room for it?  Either way, I was then able to give the doll to the Copycat, who gave me the monorail ticket I was desperate for.  Now I can zoom back and forth between the new and old (some people are calling it retro) worlds faster!

At some point in the last few days I also picked up a Silver Feather.  Since I've been playing the Gold version, I needed the Silver Feather in order to see the level 70 Lugia swimming in the caves Northwest of Tanba.  The battle was actually easier than I thought it would be.  I used 2 Speed Balls, a Heavy Ball, and one other new type of Pokeball from Gantetsu before I was finally able to catch him with an Ultra Ball.  What made Lugia hardest to catch was his Recover attack.   You can check Lugia out in the Pojo's Pokedex.

With Lugia safely in my computer I decided I'd better get back on track.  This meant getting back to Pewter city (where I fougth Brock yesterday).  On the way there, though, I noticed that I only had 13 badges.  Somehow I missed Celadon City's Gym.  By request, I'm posting Erika's lineup. 
      lvl42 Tangela
      lvl46 Kereihana
      lvl41 Watakko
      lvl46 Victreebell


Returning to Pewter city I was presented with a choice; Viridian or Mt. Moon.  I turned to Edo's walkthrough and decided to check out the mountain.  As I entered my rival appeared again.  This time his Pokemon were a lot stronger but still no real headache.
       lvl41 Nyura
       lvl41 Magneton
       lvl43 Alakazam
       lvl45 Meganimu
       lvl42 Golbat
       lvl43 Gengar

There didn't seem to be anything else of interest on Mt. Moon (I guess I have to come back when the Clefairies are dancing later).

I biked back down to Viridian city and had coffee with our old pal the Coffee Guy but the gym was completely vacant.  One new addition to Viridian City, though, was the Holo Dome, where I got to battle a lvl 57 version of myself.  That was pretty cool.

In Pallet, Professor Oak was pleased with the number of Pokemon in my Pokedex but reminded me I had two more badges to go.  It looks like I'll need my swim trunks and suntan oil tomorrow for Cinnabar Island.  In the mean time, Gary's sister tells me he got his own Gym.  It must be the empty one in Viridian.  Isn't that just like Gary Oak to be unavailable when in need?

See you tomorrow!!

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