Top Idol, Pacifica
Top Idol, Pacifica

Top Idol, Pacifica
– #V-EB11/003EN (VR)

[ACT](VC)1/Turn:COST [Soul Blast (1)], and activate all of the effects below according to the number of your rear-guards with “Pacifica” in their card names. • 1 or more – This unit gets [Power]+10000/drive +1 until end of turn. • 2 or more – You get two Imaginary Gift: Force. • 3 or more – Until end of turn, when your opponent would call from his or her hand to (GC), he or she must call three or more at the same time.
Date Reviewed: January 27, 2020

Rating: 3.0

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Saikyo's Avatar

Thank GOD we have something to search Pacifica: Grade 2 Caro, which also hit this set. Without that, this would be pretty ass. Anyway, you shouldn’t reasonably expect to hit all three Pacifica rear-guards in a game, at least not early, but I reckon just the extra Drive Check from just having one Pacifica rear-guard is pretty baller for just one soul. If you can Silent Ardor Solda can help turn spare Pacifica into boosters, but to be frank that’s basically a meme play: unless your front row is taken up by a very important Grade 2 (or G2 Caro which is probably how you got spare Pacifica to start with) the Pacificas ought to be filling those slots already.

Extra Drive, bonus power if you can draw well, don’t ever try to shoot for the third skill at the expense of immediate gains during your turn. Not HARD to set up, so that’s a plus, but there’s better. And we’ll get to those later.


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