Top Idol, Aqua
Top Idol, Aqua

Top Idol, Aqua – #V-EB15/011EN (RRR)

Card Effect(s) [CONT](VC/RC):During your turn, if you have another unit in the same column as this unit, this unit gets [Power]+5000. [AUTO](VC/RC):When placed, return up to one of your other normal units on (RC) to your hand, and if you returned a card, draw a card, and discard a card from your hand. This ability may only be used by a card with the same card name once a turn.
Date Reviewed: February 1, 2021

Rating: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale: 1 is awful. 3 is average. 5 is great.

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Saikyo's Avatar

Well, even if she isn’t, strictly speaking, a +1, she does at least bounce something, so she’s part of the requirements to proc Tirua if nothing else. Unfortunate that she’s a hard once per turn, but to be honest if she wasn’t, you would just bounce another Aqua, who then would bounce the original Aqua, who would then…you get what I mean, it would just be an easy Tirua every time. Beyond that the extra 5k isn’t all that interesting, and I do wish there were a lot more decent cards that proc upon bounce, but sadly any bonuses seem to be restricted to Ange and Tirua.

Works, for the bosses she’s meant to gel with. Bermuda hogged all the varieties of bosses I tel you what.


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