Schwarzschild Dragon (V Series)
Schwarzschild Dragon (V Series)

Schwarzschild Dragon (V Series)
– #V-BT04/009EN

[ACT](VC)1/Turn:COST [Counter Blast (1)], choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards, and bind it face down. [ACT](VC):COST [Counter Blast (1) & Soul Blast (1) grade 3], and turn all of the cards in your opponent’s bind zone face up. Your opponent cannot normal call cards with the same card name as the face up cards in his or her bind zone until end of his or her turn. (Includes cards bound after this as well)
Date Reviewed: 
April 3, 2019

Rating: 2.75

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Saikyo's Avatar

Budget replacement to Greidhol. And it shows: the 1/Turn bind is nice because hooray for +1s, but it’s too clunky as it is. This card unfortunately came at a bad time, when there’s not a lot of good Cyber Dragons to make him worthwhile. His second skill is nothing exemplary considering the opponent can guard with other things and most of the time it’s going to only seal G1 and G2 guard, although something like Neo Nectar might not appreciate it.

Could be solid depending on what we get next Extra Booster but don’t hold your breath.


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