We just got our hands on the new Transformers Devastator TCG Deck, and opened it so you could have a look inside.  Here is a look at the front of the box:

Transformers TCG Devastator Box
Transformers TCG Devastator Box

The box is approximately 12″ x 8″ x 2″, with a large see-through plastic panel on the front, and a smaller see-through plastic panel on the back.  We have said this several times before while reviewing Transformer TCG Products: These boxes that Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro have designed are phenomenal.  The engineering in the packaging is fantastic! The boxes look beautiful, and we always feel guilty opening them up.

Here is a look at the back of the box:  

Transformers TCG Devastator Box 2
Transformers TCG Devastator Box Back

The box contains:

  • 6 folding Character cards that make up the Devastator Combiner: Bonecrusher, Hook, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scavenger and Scrapper.  These Robots are all exclusive to this deck set.  
  • Ready to Play Battle Card Deck of 40 cards (15 cards are Exclusives)
  • Game Counters
  • Rules insert
  • Tower Card

Here is a look at the 6 Exclusive Character Cards you get inside (you can scroll down to see these cards in better detail later in the article).

Devastator Cards
Devastator Cards

Here is a closer look at each robot in this deck:

Devastator Deck Wave 2A Card Flavor Star Cost
RT T01/T06 Bonecrusher Demolitions 4
RT T02/T06 Hook Surgical Engineer 4
RT T03/T06 Longhaul Transport 4
RT T04/T06 Mixmaster Materials Fabrication 4
RT T05/T06 Scavenger Mining and Salvage 4
RT T06/T06 Scrapper Construction Foreman 4

All six of these guys have a 4 stars cost.  And they are pretty squishy.  But the Construction Enigma Battle Card lets you use these bots from the KO area to build the Devastator Combiner.  

These robots make up the Devastator Combiner like so:

Devastator Combiners

Here are all cards you get inside this box:

Devastator Battle Cards
Devastator Battle Cards

This Devastator Combiner uses a “Tower-Building Mechanic”.  In vehicle form, each Transformer has an ability that contributes to the building of the tower. The higher the tower gets, the more benefits you gain.  Here are some card examples:

Scrapper gets your Tower Tracker out.
Tower Tracker – Included in box
Bonecrusher (and other robots) lets you scrap a card when you attack. If you do so, you add a counter to the Tower Tracker.

The Construction Enigma Battle Card helps you Combine your bots into Devastator, Towering Warrior.  

Should you buy the Devastator Deck?

The List Price for this Preconstructed Deck is around $24.99.  That’s not bad really for a completely pre-built Combiner deck. This particular Combiner is exclusive to this Preconstructed Deck.  If you like this Combiner, this Devastator Deck is the only way to collect it.  

Regarding the Battle cards.  You get:

  • 15 rares (Exclusive cards to this deck)
  • 11 uncommons
  • 14 commons

The rares you get are:

R001/005  Builder’s Tools
R002/005  Construction Enigma
R003/005  Heavy Landing
R004/005  Reclaim
R005/005  Work Overtime

Overall, this is a pretty nice product for $25.  You can buy this one, and the Metroplex Deck and have two fully prebuilt decks to battle against each other.  These aren’t tournament worthy decks out of the box, but they are certainly viable for playing and learning the game with friends and family.  After some practice and play, you might consider adding other cards from Wave 1 and Wave 2 to make the deck faster and more powerful.  

We recommend picking one of these Devastator Decks up if you are a Player or a Card Collector.  It’s a great way for new players to start a collection. Many cards are exclusives right now to this deck.  And it is the only way to get some of these battle cards.  Works Overtime is a very solid card, and a set exclusive.  Works Overtime might be the best draw card in the game right now.    

The only drawbacks about the Devastator box:

  • This set is lacking is a good rule book.  You’ll have to watch the online tutorials if you want to learn how to play. We really wish the starter and preconstructed decks included  better rule books.  Call us old-school, but we miss the days when Wizards of the Coast would include a small 76 page instruction guide / rule book in their Magic: the Gathering precon decks.  
  • You might not think the deck is all that strong right out of the box.  Most preconstructed decks are a great way to learn how to play, but this deck might benefit from more attacking type Battle Cards.