Love Sniper, Nociel
Love Sniper, Nociel

Love Sniper, Nociel
– #G-FC02/027EN

[AUTO](VC):[Counter Blast (1)] When a card with “Nociel” in its card name is put into your damage zone, you may pay the cost. If you do, and that card is face up, put that card into your hand, then put the top card of your deck into your damage zone face up. [AUTO]:[Choose a card from your hand, and put it into your damage zone face up] When this unit is placed on (VC), you may pay the cost. If you do, choose a card from your damage zone, and put it into your hand.
Date Reviewed: April 19, 2018

Rating: 3.50

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The engine that makes Gyze actually workable. Combine her with certain cards that perform Rescue when used to defend with, and you just have more chances to make Gyze live, or if you damage a Nociel, use her skill to increase hand and make up for the fact triggers won’t gain power that way.

Outside of a reasonably pure Nociel build, this just doesn’t cut it compared to a more specialised and streamlined Rescue build with Gavrail. It really is all about the Gyze engine with her now.



What’s up, Rogue Squ-*sees today’s Throwback card*…oh, goddammit, Victor…so, I have a personal hatred for this card…even when it had an obsolete phase…and let’s just say that seeing this annoying ass cupid back in the meta scene with Gyze of all things is just straight up annoying.  While I did admit on my video on the Card Discussion of Gyze that he would’ve been best with Angel Feathers, as Rescue gives them extra checks to bind your five Zeroth Dragons, I was thinking more about the fallen angel that is Gavrail and not…*disgruntled sigh*…Nociel.  Though the deck is a super tank naturally and can have a solid hand size thanks to Sniper Nociel, not to mention that a free damage swap skill and an easy way to get your copy of Sniper Nociel for your quick Ultimate Stride.  As much as I hate to admit it, Sniper Nociel is going to be here for a while…whether I like it or not…goddammit, Victor…goddammit, Ben…

Rating: 3.5/5     Artwork: 3/5

Next Time: Arguably one of the best SP styles in G Set 14.

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