Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist (V Series)
Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist (V Series)

Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist
– #V-BT09/014 (RRR)

Card Effect(s) [AUTO](VC/RC):When its attack hits, choose one of your (VC) or (RC) without any Treasures markers, and put a Treasures marker. [CONT](VC):You get all of the effects below according to the number of your Treasures markers. • 1 or more – All of your rear-guards with “Seven Seas” in their card names can attack and intercept from the back row. • 3 or more – During your turn, all of your units with “Seven Seas” in their card names get [Power]+5000. • 6 or more – This unit gets “[AUTO](VC):At the end of the battle it attacked, [Stand] all of your rear-guards with “Seven Seas” in their card names.”.
Date Reviewed: October 21, 2020


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Saikyo's Avatar

(Pssst, boss, yesterday’s image needs to be changed)

God, you know something is over-designed when you have to invent yet another bloody mechanic to achieve roughly the same goal as other decks. So Seven Seas is all about Treasure Markers, and acquiring as much as possible to unlock plays. As far as getting them goes, everything in the deck has to hit in order to obtain a Treasure Marker, but luckily, Nightmist here only really needs one in order to generate even more opportunities for hits. Lucky Protect 2 isn’t just limited to front row rear-guards circles, eh?

Now, since this seems to be your be-all-end-all play, aside from whatever else the Seven Seas rear-guards do, keep in mind that you’re looking at basically 3-5 Treasure Markers on a good day (I mean the opponent dies on 6 damage unless they Healed, so don’t count on trying to shoot for 6, because the opponent will just block everything). The main problem is that everything in the deck needs to hit to generate Treasures, so anything that doesn’t especially need Counterblast to do well (I’m looking at Chronojet, Alter Ego Messiah) just won’t let them get the hits in to do optimally. Second is that currently Nightmist is the ONLY Seven Seas G3, so it has basically no outs if you fail.

A cute idea, but clearly only for those who couldn’t afford Nightrose.


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