Gust Blaster Dragon
Gust Blaster Dragon

Gust Blaster Dragon
– #V-BT04/001EN

[AUTO](VC):When it attacks, COST [Counter Blast (1) & retire two rear-guards], draw a card, your opponent chooses one of his or her rear-guards, retires it, and this unit gets [Power]+10000 until end of turn. [AUTO](VC):When your rear-guard is retired, if your soul has a grade 3 with “Blaster” in its card name, this unit gets [Critical]+1 until end of turn.
Date Reviewed: 
March 27, 2019

Rating: 2.75

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Saikyo's Avatar


So this happened. First skill is basically a +0 wash for you for CB1. Not especially high quality but at least he does something and translates spent Swordbreakers into something a bit neater. It’s the second skill you really want: even calling over units counts, so you could rack up Criticals just by using Nemain, then calling OVER Nemain, then attacking with this and using the first skill: I’ve seen this take a man from 0 to dead by playing the damage denial game because he’s a bastard. Having said that, as is the case with most Late Game Critical gainers, you need to look out for Perfect Guards that make your pee pee so soft.

A replacement for Dark Dictator but not by any means a much better first-ride. Once you ride in the proper order though he goes.


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